July 22, 2024

Lily James is going to play a young Pamela Anderson in a series about *that* 1995 sex tape

More than 22 years after the Hollywood couple ended their rocky romance, it seems we’re still fascinated by the whirlwind marriage and the slightly unlikely casting of BritishMamma MiaandCinderellastar Lily has added yet more intrigue to the new biographical series.

Lily James and Sebastian Stan have been cast as Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee in a new biopic for Hulu, Deadline reports.

Lily has apparently agreed to play a young Pammy during the fallout from the Baywatch icon’s 1995 sex tape leak.

Currently titled Pam Tommy, the eight-part TV series has been in the works for two years although the casting of both titular characters has only just been confirmed.

It’s reported that comedian Seth Rogan will play the man accused of stealing the sex tape and leaking it shortly after Pamela married the Mötley Crüe drummer 25 years ago.

The private videotape was made during the couple’s honeymoon but stolen from their home and quickly distributed online.

Pam and Tommy sued the distribution company Internet Entertainment Group which ended in an undisclosed settlement.

However, as soon as it was settled, the tape was freely distributed once again.

The Hollywood couple, who went on to have two sons, famously tied the knot after knowing each other for little more than three days and the tumultuous relationship made headlines for the next 11 years.

She filed for divorce in 1998 but it’s understood that they reconciled many times afterward.

The Hulu TV series is expected to follow the rollercoaster of the Nineties romance right from the start and even though the former couple is not involved in the project, they both already know about it.

So, what will they make of the actors set to play them on-screen?

Even though Captain America star Sebastian has previously worked with Pam Tommy director Craig Gillespie on I, Tonya it will be his first time starring alongside Lily in a romantic role.

For Lily, it marks a return to TV for the first time since War Peace in 2016 but comes off the back of her much-hyped role in the romantic psychological thriller Rebecca, which dropped on Netflix earlier this year.

2021 is already shaping up to be another massive career year for Lily who is currently in London filming a rom-com called What’s Love Got To Do With It alongside Star Trek: Discovery actor Shazad Latif.

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