July 22, 2024

Pose during sex does not affect the chances of conceiving a child

Life is unpredictable and often presents surprises to us. Pleasant or not, but they make our existence fascinating and brighter. However, in certain areas of life it is better to manage without surprises.

Pose during sex does not affect the chances of conceiving a child

First of all, it concerns motherhood: the baby should be desired, and the pregnancy – planned. About why, in this case, planning is better than a surprise and how to properly prepare for pregnancy, the correspondent of SE recognized.

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In the modern world, pregnancy planning is a priority in obstetrics. This allows you to take care of a child’s health before his conception, and not from the moment when nothing can be changed. Moreover, for a future mother it is an opportunity to avoid many troubles, such as antibiotic treatment during fetal gestation. “Today, few people begin to have sex only after the wedding.

Parents may have infections that need to be treated with drugs that are contraindicated to pregnant women, says Lyubov Treivish, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Avicenna Medical Center. “These and other diseases are much easier to detect and cure before the onset of pregnancy. ”

The doctor is sure that the future baby should be protected from any diseases of the parents that may affect his health. Untimely treatment of autoimmune and infectious diseases, inflammatory processes can lead to miscarriage, miscarriage or congenital pathologies in the unborn child. That is why pregnancy should be prepared in advance in order to maximize the baby’s health from the first days of life.


For the preparation for pregnancy, experts recommend spending 2-3 months. According to Lyubov Treyvish, during this time it is possible to pass all necessary examinations and correct what needs correction. Having decided to have a child, first of all, both parents should go to the doctor. Of course, the future mother will have to pass more specialists, but the pope should not stand aside.

“Pregnancy planning is the work of two close people, and the health of the future baby is absolutely the same depending on the health of both parents,” believes Love Treyvish. Therefore, while the mother visits a therapist, gynecologist, dentist, lor, ophthalmologist, endocrinologist, infectious disease specialist and, if necessary, other specialists, the father should go to the therapist and urologist. “Men often underestimate their role in shaping the health of their unborn child,” says the head of the Women’s Clinical Diagnostic Center named after Vitaly. A. P. Gumilevsky, a doctor of the highest category Vera Chernomorskaya. –

Meanwhile, a visit to the future father of a urologist is necessary, because any infection can affect the development of the fetus. ”If no current, chronic and hereditary diseases are found, the pope can be free until conception.

But the future mother should visit all the above specialists, make sure that there is immunity to rubella, go through the necessary treatment and only then proceed to the most interesting part. In order to result in the conception of a healthy child, 3 months before, both parents should give up alcohol and smoking, even passive. If a woman wants to adjust her weight, then it’s better to do it before pregnancy – during this time you can not go on a hungry and unloading diet. Vera Chernomorskaya advises taking vitamin E, which increases the chances of conception. As for diets that allegedly help conceive a child of a certain sex, they do not have any scientific evidence.


When embarking on conception, it is important not to focus on the problem and try to relax. “For healthy people, this should be primarily a pleasure, not a job,” Lyubov Treyvish is sure. – Optimal time for conception – right after ovulation, you can orientate by tests that are sold in pharmacies. Before conception it is advisable to refrain from sex for 2-3 days, the sexual act itself should be a one-time – in this case the concentration of spermatozoa in the seminal fluid will be maximum. ”

Pose during sex does not affect the chances of conceiving a child

Pose, in which partners have sex, does not affect the chances of conceiving a child. “The position of a woman can influence, after an ejaculation has occurred,– believes Vera Chernomorskaya. – Depending on the structure of the internal genital organs, it must be placed on the abdomen or on the back. This will determine the doctor. ”

Sometimes, in order for conception to happen, the couple need to relax, change the situation, so the couple go on vacation. Contrary to the popular belief that a return flight can damage the fetus, experts are sure: if the mother is healthy, the flight will not have any effect on the fetus. However, in exotic conditions, factors such as unfamiliar food, climate change, viruses, can damage the health of parents. Vera Chernomorskaya recommends not to take risks, but try to relax at home.

Of course, in the planning of pregnancy, the decisive factor is the mutual desire of the parents to have a child. If the future mom and dad want to have a healthy baby and put a maximum of effort to do it, then they will all succeed. The main thing is to listen to your feelings and not to save on your own health. After all, these investments will soon bring the most expensive fruits in life.

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