June 24, 2024

Demonstrate the changes that occur with the figure during pregnancy, but do it nicely

Pregnancy is in fashion – it is only worth looking at the pages of glossy magazines, you will certainly meet a photo of a “star” with a rounded tummy. At the same time, they are not going to give up the joys of life – such, for example, as beautiful stylish clothes.

Yes, and non-stellar future mothers understand that the times when pregnant women had to pack their tummy exclusively in dressing gowns and shapeless dresses, long gone. Variety, comfort and femininity is the motto of fashion for pregnant women. She was recognized by the SHE correspondent as to how things are in her case in Novosibirsk.

Fashion for pregnant women is a special trend in the fashion industry. Back in 1962, an unknown young designer Sonia Rykel demonstrated a collection of dresses and tops for pregnant women, which brought her first glory.

Subsequently, she repeatedly returned to this topic and even released special spirits for expectant mothers. Now in Europe there are many mass producers of fashionable clothes for pregnant women, there is even a whole fashion house “We are waiting for the child” (En Attendant Bebe), releasing its famous youth brands, such as Gap, Benetton, H M. Russian designers also paid attention to future mothers, collections for pregnant women were released by Masha Tsigal, Veronika Lazareva (Mama project), Maxim Zasypkin.

In Novosibirsk stores for pregnant women, as well as in ordinary clothing stores, you can find products of own production, items of specialized European brands, as well as clothing made in Asian countries.

Fashion for future mothers, although it stands apart, but still has to match the main fashion trends. “During pregnancy, a woman can and should remain beautiful, dress elegantly and stylishly, follow fashion trends,” says Svetlana Drozdova, director of the Sweet Mama store. –

For a long time in the past those times when all pregnant women could be distinguished by shapeless hoodies or sarafans in a box. Now the designers are trying to emphasize the beauty of a pregnant woman and create for her a collection of the latest fashion. ”

What is fashionable in the coming autumn? Future mothers, of course, need to focus on clothes made from natural, breathable fabrics, but the presence of synthetic threads that impart clothing to the effect of stretch, it is desirable. Actual fabrics for autumn: wool with glitter, shimmering knitwear, sparkling silk and satin. Do not forget about chiffon – it gives the figure airiness. Still in the top denim, micro-velvet and all kinds of knitwear, as well as large manual knitting. Often when making one model, combinations of different fabrics are used. As for color, then, according to most designers, the king of the season is “silver. ”

Fashionable will be neutral calm colors – brown, smoky, gray, beige, dairy, coffee.

A long-known secret for pregnant women – the combination of white and blue gives the figure with a rounded tummy a special harmony. The most modern silhouette is a voluminous top and a narrowed bottom is also present in the fashion for pregnant women – you can wear leggings with an A-shaped dress even on the ninth month. Will decorate the future mother and a soft elongated sweatshirt with a hood trimmed with fur – a real trend of the season.

Cardigan, knitwear, “Clothes for pregnant women” – 500-600 rub. , A sarafan of wool – from 800 to 1300 rubles.
Sweater, wool, Premaman – from 1800 to 2380 rubles.
Tunic, “Chest” – 1780 rubles.

By the way, in the pants the tummy looks even more attractive than in the dress. “Each model adapts to the shape of a pregnant woman,” says Svetlana Drozdova. – If these are trousers, they must necessarily have either an inset on the tummy, or a circular garter, or side inserts. Basically, the design goes free cut or transformers with an adjustable belt. They are very comfortable. ”The consultant of the store “Clothes for pregnant women” told that “for different terms there are several variants of one model. The difference in width of the knitted insert on the abdomen, which makes the wearing of trousers comfortable even in the latest months. ”

Classic trousers with a knitted insert, “Clothes for pregnant women” – from 600 to 1300 rubles.
Pants with a circular garter, with inserts on the stomach, Sweet Mama – from 2500 to 3000 rubles.
Jeans, Premaman – from 2800 to 3740 rubles.

By the way, popular earlier denim overalls are not so comfortable, as it seems at first glance. Because of the roughness of the fabric, they can squeeze in the lower abdomen and into the groin, so it’s better to choose models from soft wool or from other obedient fabric.

Overalls of micro-velvet, Sweet Mama – up to 1300 rubles.

Overalls cotton and viscose, “Chest” – 1150 rubles.

As for whether to hide the belly or not, modern designers are fully confident that all the changes that occur with the figure should be proudly demonstrated, but it’s beautiful to do.

It is possible that the dimensions increase during pregnancy, but this should not embarrass women. The famous stylist Nancy Rood, who works with European glossy magazines, believes that the size of the pregnant woman is not important to people – the surrounding people notice only the fact of her pregnancy and the fact that the woman is stylishly dressed.

A few tips. Modern designers believe that a deep V-neckline will perfectly emphasize the become more magnificent breasts and make the neckline more elegant. Avoid blowing jackets and remember that the vertical stripes visually extend the silhouette (only not on the stomach, which will look like a watermelon).

But in general, the times when pregnancy was considered something like a disease, during which you need to sit out at home, have passed. The modern future mother remains as attractive and active throughout the nine months. And therefore the most important advice is, perhaps, such – do not change your style, remain yourself and enjoy life.

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