July 24, 2024

How to find your palette and correctly combine colors in clothes

The human eye is able to distinguish between 10 million colors and shades. True, we do it unconsciously. Applying the same force of thought, a person usually differentiates only seven colors of the rainbow and determines their light or dark shade.

Similarly, subconsciously, most can determine whether the combination of colors is harmonious or not. However, not everyone knows what shade will favorably emphasize their appearance, and which – will lubricate. She learned about how to avoid mistakes, choosing colors in clothes and combining them.

Errors in the cabinet

For sure, each of us in the wardrobe will find a thing that does not go to us, despite the fact that very much. Why is it so? Most often because of the color. The wrong color is the main mistake when buying clothes. If we liked the shade, then we are usually confident that it will suit us. But this does not always correspond to reality. “Not all the men we like externally, we want to take, – jokes Alexandra Demina, coloring coach, the center of the” Formula of Success “.

“So it’s with color: you can admire them without trying on them. ” The second mistake is a non-harmonious combination. “In order not to suffer with combinations, it is important to know what color type you belong to and what shades of this type are suitable,” says Alexandra Demina. “Inside the group, they all combine well. The question is how to define your group correctly? “.

Seasonal color type

Standard color types are determined by the combination of hair, eyes and skin color. The main signs are: light-skinned blondes – this is spring, reddish brown eyes – autumn, fair-haired with cold eyes – summer, dark-haired with fair skin – winter. The most common type for Russian women is summer, and in Novosibirsk most girls can also be attributed to him.

Despite the fact that these definitions are made on the basis of the most frequent combinations, they are quite arbitrary – yet each person has individual features of appearance. To determine directly their colors, you can contact the experts in color. In some beauty salons, a color test is performed: the color cards are brought to the face, all visual reactions of the skin are recorded, the type is determined, and accordingly recommendations are given on the color palette.

However, you can check whether you are “cold” or “warm”, yourself. To do this, you need to try on a white shawl, then cream or peach and find out in what frame the skin looks fresh, and in which all veins, bruises, yellowness and pallor appear.

If there is white – clothes choose cool colors, if peach – warm. Cold colors have a blue base (gray, blue, blue, icy-yellow, pink), and warm – yellow (brown, golden, orange, coral, green, turquoise).

After we find out what colors decorate us, it is important to understand how to combine them with each other. Even if everyone in the same group is friendly, it’s still not worth combining them chaotically.

Color Science

Quantity. Use no more than three colors. “I would advise you to limit yourself to three colors or shades in a suit,” says Irina Bolshakova, a stylist-image maker. – It’s not boring. After all, there can be infinitely many options. ”With a combination of three colors, one must be dominant, otherwise the image will be vague. If this color is a shade of red, then the tone of the lipstick should match it.

How to find your palette and correctly combine colors in clothes

Pros. Good looking contrasting colors – on the spectrum they are located opposite each other. We must ensure that the saturation of contrasting colors is the same – on the spectrum they can be joined by a circle. Also friendly to each other are the colors standing right next to each other – like the tones of one shade, and the very close shades themselves. All pastel colors are combined.

Minuses. Contaminate each other colors, located not side by side, and next door – for example, blue and green. Avoid monotony – dressing from head to foot in one color is also not worth it. It looks either depressingly or theatrically, but in any case, the sense of integrity of the image does not create. Black and white are chameleon colors, they are suitable for any other shades, but in combination they can only decorate the “winter” appearance.

By the way, trendy combinations in this season – gray with pink and white with black and red. The first is suitable for summer type, the second – winter and autumn.

Do not be afraid of unexpected combinations – you need to learn to see whether they please the look or annoy. “Now is the time of bright images and unique personalities,” Irina Bolshakova is sure. “To be stylish means to guess, fit into the situation, look harmonious. ”This talent, but it can be developed using proven skills. They will also help to save money, avoiding erroneous purchases, and time, narrowing the search. Dare!

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