July 22, 2024

In the new season, accessories will surprise with the size and variety of shapes

Any fashionable dress without accessories becomes boring, added tasteless – loses relevance. And on the contrary, the banal basic thing can be turned into a fashionable show with the help of well-chosen accessories.

The supplements are all strictly – they are also subject to fashion instructions. If the belts last year were boasted in breadth, now they are recommended to become more modest. And with the jewelry, the reverse happened – today’s bracelets and earrings beat all the records of bulk. She learned about how to decorate herself this spring.

Man is so arranged that he sees, creates and appreciates beauty. And very much strives for harmony and completeness of impressions. And the details – as without them? After all, just clothes, even if well tailored and sewn, do not create an image, this is the control of the details.

The word “accessories” (French accessoire – a side, fake thing) originally meant all the stage accessories, then was transferred to everyday life in the sense of “accompanying something, the object giving completeness. ” In the clothing for accessories include any jewelry, scarves and scarves, gloves and belts, hats, sometimes bags and shoes, but still the first thing that comes to mind is jewelry.

It is believed that bijouterie is an invention of the pragmatic XX century. But in fact at this time she was officially recognized, and before her presence in the caskets was skillfully concealed. For example, after one of the balls in the time of Napoleon Bonaparte, the servants dismantled the lost jewels to return to the owners, and found that more than half of them were false. Now costume jewelery by popularity far surpasses jewelry – it more easily transmits fashionable moods, it can be very much.

Large and bright

There are several trends in fashion: romance, safari, ethno, 80’s. But all of them are different – decorations today are very large, and there should be many. Romantic decorated with fur, frills, flowers, paillettes. Safari style – a tree, warm natural colors, 80’s are represented by geometric shapes and synthetic colors. Gothic – large chains with black inserts made of velvet or lacquered leather. Yes, it is now fashionable to wear not only adolescents, but also well-established people with a stable psyche – after all it is very attractive, especially if it lacks ideological content.

In the new season, accessories will surprise with the size and variety of shapes

According to Svetlana Zubova, Merchandiser of the Marmalato store, ethno-style decorations look like they are made by themselves this summer, they are made with multi-colored beads, wood, shells, sequins combined in the most unexpected combinations.


belt, as in the previous season, the most important accessory – it is stressed world designers who actively use it in their shows. If last year there was a broad dictate, then today you can, without hesitation, put on a narrow one – especially if you have a thin waist. “Thin straps are becoming more popular,” says Inna Popkova, director of the Mango store. – In the choice of colors, absolute freedom is given – all the colors of the rainbow are in fashion. ”

Corseted leather belts are an absolute hit, they can still be worn on jumpers, dresses, raincoats and shirts.

In addition, obeying the love of designers for ethno, as told in the store Mango, it is fashionable to wear woven from rough material, for example, raffia, or knots made of laces and twine belts.

Belts, Mango, 800-1000 rub.

Wearing on your hands

The trend of gigantism in costume jewelry especially touched the most popular accessory of this season – bracelets. They can be wooden or plastic – then they should be worn at once several identical on one hand. Can be leather bright colors – they place itself not on the wrist, but on the elbow. Metal bracelets are decorated with very large stones and are made in the form of a watch, where instead of the dial a transparent pebble shines. In the hands can be clamped an envelope bag – it’s grown to fly a clutch, or a textile bag of acid colors, or an unsurpassed hit of this season – a lacquered yellow or turquoise carpetbag.

Bracelet with a large stone, Marmalato: 400 rubles. , Wooden – 250-400 rub.

Around the face

Beads and necklaces are preferred long, in several rows, from a variety of materials of bright colors. “One of the main trends can be called” the color of summer “, – continues Svetlana. – It includes large ornaments of bright colors. Yellow, bright green, rich pink and red – these are undoubted favorites of this season.

Multicolored long beads, pendants, catchy earrings and rings – all this is just necessary to create a summer image. ”

In the new season, accessories will surprise with the size and variety of shapes

In addition, it is strongly recommended to wear protective goggles in sunny weather. They are not original – they are also very large. However, unlike other accessories of color this season designers offer reserved: black, gray, brown.

Plastic necklace Divas – 560 rubles. , Earrings – 300 rubles.

Head or neck

Shawls – another actual accessory of the warm season – you can wear, tied around your neck, you can tie a turban on your head. Fabrics are only light, preferably silk. An interesting detail – prints: “It is very fashionable to combine a pattern on a scarf with a pattern on the fabric of clothing,” Irina Popkova explains. – It can be repeating prints – not necessarily on the same scale, better even smaller, or the repeating tone of the main background.

” In general, scarves should not be neglected – with the help of a neck scarf, if you learn how to elegantly tie it, you can add to the suit of solidity and elegance. Tying a handkerchief with a turban (you also need skill), you will not only become visible on the street, but also save hair from harmful radiation.

Shawls, Marmalato, 450 rub.

So, the overall results. Do not be shy: the brighter and larger your decorations, the more fashionable you become. Other question – how much they will go to you? After all, ornaments in the first place should decorate, that is, emphasize profitable features. You should take into account the color of the eyes, the shape of the face and the general mood of your image, and just your mood. Complement it with taste.

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