Who Has the Most Instagram Followers Right Now?

Closing in on a billion users, Instagram is one of the most popular social networks on the web today, seeing more than 100 million unique visits per month on mobile alone in February of 2018. It’s the eighth-biggest online community today, behind Facebook and fellow Facebook-owned companies Messenger and WhatsApp, along with popular international chat apps WeChat, QQ, and Viber. With the exception of WeChat, all of those applications are dedicated to messaging, which makes Instagram the third-biggest social network in the world and the second-biggest in North America. It’s a massively-important platform for users and brands alike, with most people using the site to follow not just their friends, but the content that piques their interest. Whether you’re using Instagram to see what your friends from college are doing, uploading your own photos and videos from your daily life, or using the Instagram Stories option as a Snapchat replacement, there’s no shortage of opportunities on Instagram.
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One of the most-popular ways to use Instagram is to follow the biggest celebrities in the world. Unlike other social media accounts, which may be managed by professional publishers and teams of people aiming to cultivate a following without the direct inclusion of the person themselves, Instagram accounts are often a great way to see the real-world lives of the biggest movie stars, musicians, comedians, athletes, and more. Whether you’re looking to follow your favorite celebs, or you just need some new content in your feed, looking for some popular celebrities and Instagram influencers to follow can be a great way to use the social platform.

If you’re looking for some celebrities and other famous users to follow on Instagram, it’s a good idea to start with these top twenty-five influencers. For the purpose of this article, we’ve dedicated the top twenty-five spots to individuals only – no brands or teams, but actual, real people who share their incredible lives and experiences on Instagram. While this means that a few popular Instagram accounts may not make the cut, including Spain’s Real Madrid football club, the official Victoria’s Secret account, and the social page for National Geographic, you should absolutely go follow those accounts as well if you’re interested in seeing some amazing content in your feed. This also means we’ve cut the official Instagram account from our list, an account that has nearly double the followers of our number one pick.

Without further ado, these are the top 25 celebrity accounts on Instagram, organized by their number of followers. Let’s dive in.

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