June 21, 2024

Nail extensions can provoke fungal diseases

There is a legend that the nail creation was invented quite by accident – before the party, the wife of an American dentist broke a nail, and he helped her to restore what she had lost with the help of filling materials.

Acrylic build-up, which adopted dental principles, in the 70s and 80s in America and Europe was wildly popular. Now Western countries are practically not using these methods, trying to tidy up their natural nails, in Russia, love for them can not fade away.

How safe is the build-up of nails, told SHE correspondent Olga Vylegzhanina, dermatologist clinic Professor Pasman.

With what diseases of nails do people face most often?

Most often, patients take any deformation for a fungus, but not always it turns out to be them. There are quite a few changes not related to the fungus. In the first place, a genetic predisposition – from generation to generation, a deformation is transmitted, for example, a nail on the little finger of the foot. Changes in the shape of the nail plate can be associated with abnormalities in the work of internal organs.

At skin diseases there are various changes both forms, and color of fingernails or nails, in an exacerbation often there is an onycholysis – almost full melting of a nail plate. If there is a metabolic disorder, a lack of trace elements and vitamins, the nails change color, they show spots and longitudinal lines. Important factors are poor ecology and aggressive effects on nails – it can be acids, alkalis,

That is, the newly developed nails do not influence the state of their own nails in the best way?

As I said, this is an aggressive effect. Especially if before applying the gel or acrylic nails are cut, thinning the nail plate. In addition, I was treated with well-groomed women with good nails, on which, after the build-up, a fungus appeared, most often mold.

We all have fungi on our skin, but under certain conditions, for example, if there was a nail injury that opened up the infection, and with the greenhouse effect created by applying a gel plate to the nail, they begin to grow rapidly, which leads to the disease.

Nail extensions can provoke fungal diseases

In addition, the build-up of nails is sometimes accompanied by traumas of the growth zone – a whitish semicircle near the root of the nail. If the area is damaged, the nail may grow deformed.

Are you against building up?

In no case. I’m talking about my own observations, about the problems that come to the doctor. I think, in percentage terms, the number of patients among the people using the build-up is small. In some cases, the build-up is even shown – when the nail platinum looks so unaesthetic that the quality of life suffers. With some diseases under the nail develops psoriatic papula, because of what the nail plate is deformed, collapses and painfully reacts to the touch – then the narcotic nails cover the sick nail and help it to recover. Problems due to tipsy, I repeat, do not always arise, especially now, when the methods of building up are more sparing. I, perhaps, oppose the constant wearing of nascent nails by those who have their own nail in an acceptable condition,

And grow long fingernails under the power of anyone?

Here everything depends on the natural data. People who have good hair, teeth, often have strong nails, which are easy to grow. And there are thin marigolds with a small plate that will not grow long, no matter how hard you try. Here you need to understand that you can not change the situation, and care for what is. There are dense nails, which easily break off with mechanical contact – for them I recommend drugs that improve the condition of nails and hair.

Nail extensions can provoke fungal diseases

You can do various local treatments: baths with sea salt, with butter and vitamins A and E, with lemon juice and you can simply wipe the nail and nail roller with lemon.

Today there are many cosmetic products for strengthening – these are enamel covers, which are selected according to the condition of the nails. Moisturizing – for dry and brittle, with calcium – to strengthen, with collagen – to care for the growth zone. But they all have an effect, if there are no true causes inside, there is no metabolic disorder.

How often can I use enamels and varnishes, which one would prefer a manicure?

In general, the nail should rest. That is, if you have been covering it with varnish or enamel all the time for a couple of months, it is advisable to walk a month without covering it. There is nothing terrible in this – well-groomed nails look good and without varnish. To remove the coating, it is necessary to use the means that do not contain acetone, and before applying the decorative varnish as a base, use medical cover enamels.

Personally, I prefer a careless manicure, but it takes a long time to get used to it – at first it seems that the cuticle coarsens and becomes larger, but over time, under the influence of the means for removal, it becomes thinner and its growth rate slows down. The best option – a combined manicure, when you can cut somewhere, use chemicals somewhere. Ideally, a healthy nail should look pinkish, shiny, even. Any changes on it indicate a malfunction in the body, so nails are a good indicator of health. Be attentive to them.

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