How to eat during the day to save health and save the figure?

It so happened that most of us spend most of our lives at work.Accordingly, most of the daily ration should be received there as well.In life, everything is less organized: we too often hurry, some lose weight, others at lunch save.

Almost a third of SHE readers interviewed have a snack at work than they have to. True, another third remembers and follows the advice of three dishes. SHE learned about the role played by lunch in the life of the working population by specialists.

Important points

Perhaps, according to the regime, today only employees of state institutions eat. Most office workers eat when it comes. In general, this is uncritical, but it is worth remembering the general recommendations: breakfast and lunch should not be separated for more than 6 hours (there must be a snack between them), and it is advisable to have dinner at about the same time.

Large breaks in food intake are dangerous not only at a brutal famine, but also as a violation of the body’s functioning – primarily the gastrointestinal tract. Especially harmful bustling snacks in a hurry: “This diet does not allow the body to produce the right amount of digestive enzymes in the right amount, which is fraught with a violation of the digestive tract in the future,” explains the director of the Siberian Federal Center for Healthy Nutrition Yakov Novoselov.

How much to hang in grams? 

Many deliberately refuse dinner because they feel that they are absolutely unfit to work after it. What is essentially wrong: drowsiness after a meal occurs in case of overeating and wrong choice of foods. Therefore, it is worth taking a closer look at the list of ingredients in the menu of a business lunch. Instead of pork with potatoes choose light meat, for example, chicken, and garnish take a vegetable. If you wear dinner from home, then instead of noodles and mashed potatoes it is better to take whole grain porridge or grab broth and boiled egg.

The workers do not need a machine, but the table and chair really need a little less than the daily calories. However, this is not an excuse to chew carrots for dinner, even to thin young ladies.

“The desire to lose weight does not mean deprivation of a full dinner,” says Yakov Novoselov. – In addition, even the power mode does not change. The ideal option for any person is a fractional food. 

The main role in this case is the choice of products for lunch – those are recommended that do not contain a lot of fast carbohydrates and fats. The question is quality, not quantity of food. ” It’s no secret that the main problem with a slimming woman is an inhuman appetite in the evenings. Meanwhile, very often this is the result of neglecting lunch (“Today I do not eat – I’m on a diet”).

What is what

Sometimes you can hear the opinion that a full dinner of three dishes – it’s something like an archaic relic, and business people are not up to that, and there’s no time. In fact, everything can be adapted to the modern rhythm. And the case of the notorious three dishes is first and foremost a matter of diversity. “From different sources we get different substances, which can not be done if we eat one, even a very useful dish,” comments the dietician at the Research Institute of Therapy Oksana Bragina.

Here is a list of what we get from the classic dining trio:

• Salad: complex vegetable carbohydrates, fiber, organic acids, vitamins.
• First (soup): creates favorable conditions for digestion in the stomach, improves digestion in general.
• Second: substances rich in macronutrients, proteins, fats, carbohydrates. This is the main source of saturation.

Soup is traditionally considered the main dish on the table. Oksana Bragina notes the great role of our traditions in this matter, but there is also a real benefit: a liquid warm dish allows less trauma to the mucous, more satisfies the hunger and provides energy for the rest of the day.

By the way, the second is easier to eat and faster, but you will also want to sleep after such a dinner, because to digest heavy food (even useful, for example, a piece of meat), the body will spend energy, temporarily taking it from the brain.

What is? 

Lunch should take a third of the daily ration, so it is worthwhile to think carefully over the contents of the dinner plate. By and large, if you do not sit on the “diet number five”, there should not be any restrictions in the products, with one, of course, the exception – fast food doctors do not recommend eating very much.

Specialists of the Center for Healthy Nutrition note that instant noodles or porridge, although they seem to taste and composition are identical to natural, but in essence is food that has been processed, fermented, that is, half-digested. Stomach such “help”, most likely, will not appreciate.

Well before dinner, drink a glass of warm tea – this will launch a mechanism for the preparation of digestion. And start the meal with a vegetable salad – saturate with vitamins, quickly digested, will not overeat in the end.

Oksana Bragina recommends adhering to standard small portions of food:

soup – 250 ml,
salad – 100 g, the
second – 100 g of garnish and a piece of meat.

Know the measure – the main advice in the matter of proper nutrition. So do not go to extremes: observe the regime, but do not chase for minutes, try to eat the right food, but do not reject your beloved. Eat a little, but do not get carried away with calories in snacks. And in the district from 12 to 15 hours, make a note in the diary of “lunch”.

Enjoy your appetite and work!

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