If You Effing Suck at Applying False Lashes, Give These Ardell Ones a Try

When it comes to makeup, I consider myself pretty skilled. I can conceal and perfect my base, contour my cheeks to the gawds, and nail a damn good cat eye. But even though I’ve been able to master all the beauty basics, I f*cking suck at putting on fake lashes.

No matter how many tips or demonstrations I get from pros, I can never get false lashes right. I’ve tried holding a mirror beneath my face to carefully place strips along my lash line. I’ve used a variety of tools like tweezers and lash applicators but nearly poked my eyeballs into the abyss.

Not to mention the countless number of cat eyes and shadow bases that I’ve destroyed with lash glue (RIP). So instead, I stick to lifting my fringe with good ol’ mascara.

However, a few months ago, fellow POPSUGAR editor Brinton Parker tested magnetic lash accents, and I was intrigued. The innovative enhancement looked really natural and convincing on Brinton, but the lash novice in me couldn’t imagine ever being able to apply magnetic pieces successfully, much less dropping over $50 on a set.

But magnetic lashes just became more accessible for beauty newbies and experts thanks to Ardell. The beloved brand is releasing a range of magnetic, no-glue lashes that you can pick up at the drugstore. The entire collection (which you can get January 2018 at CVS, Rite Aid, Sally Beauty, Target, Ulta, Walgreens, and Walmart for $14) comes in full strips and accents.

Because of my sticky history with applying faux strips, the lash dummy in me needed to put Ardell’s new enhancements to the test. See how they cracked up ahead.

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