May 30, 2024

My Husband Will Just Have to Deal With This “F*cking Terrifying” Mask, Because It Works

If you’re looking for a mask that will soothe your skin while openly repelling any and all love interests, man, have I got the product for you. While Dr. Jart’s Shake and Shot Mask has been all the rage lately, I still hadn’t gotten my hands on its predecessor, the original Rubber Mask.

As a lover of all temporarily horrifying skincare treatments, I longed to try it.

After reviewing the options – the sunshine yellow Bright Lover, the slate gray Clear Skin Lover, and the bubblegum pink Firm Lover – I settled on the most popular version, the baby blue Hydration Lover ($12). Each type of mask contains slightly different ingredients targeted to treat your skin’s specific needs, and my skin is constantly lacking in moisture.

The mask is basically a two-step process, consisting of a concentrated serum layered under a Goodnight Mommy-esque “rubber” mask. I washed my face with some gentle cleanser before applying the clear serum, which comes in a pack with the mask. The Hydration Mask’s serum features a Keratin complex, which supposedly helps with moisture retention and skin’s elasticity.

The mask itself may look and feel like rubber, but it’s actually composed of good-for-your-skin stuff like seaweed extract (which contains vitamin C) and brown algae. It’s broken into two pieces that you smooth over the top and bottom halves of your face. You will likely have some parts overlapping, and a little bit over your hairline. I did appreciate that it wasn’t one big sheet; as one size often does not fit all when it comes to faces!

I set a timer for 20 minutes, and waited for my husband to find me. Eventually he wandered in and, spooked, exclaimed, “Well, that’s f*cking terrifying. ”

After washing it off, I felt and saw little difference – until the next day. My skin looked brighter and clearer, and felt, dare I say, quenched. The mask isn’t reusable (please don’t try to dry it out and wear it again, weirdo), so I’m considering trying another version. If the Hydration Lover zapped my blooming blemishes, what wonders could the Clear Skin Lover do? !

I’ll leave you with this image. Use it to scare your children at will.

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