How to wear gold and jewelry so as not to become a subject of ridicule

“It’s cheap to wear diamonds until you’re forty,” said the heroine of “Breakfast at Tiffany’s.” “And even forty is risky.” They really look only on old women … Wrinkles and bones, gray hair and diamonds.

“The problem of diamonds in our lives is not very acute (in extreme cases, from the rolled desire can be dismissed this particular aphorism), but gold is still a matter of controversy in women’s forums and other girls.

Some arguing with mother’s milk have absorbed the belief that if they wear jewelry, it’s only gold, and not cheap stuff from what’s unknown. Others – the certainty that wearing gold in the daytime is the limit of vulgarity. The reasons for this vendetta, as well as the subtleties of the choice of jewelry, the correspondent SHE.

Blood Diamond

Today, a schoolgirl in gold earrings can hardly be found, which means that the image of a “Soviet woman” in worn-out boots and with capital, threaded on her fingers, neck and ears, is a thing of the past. Nevertheless, our attitude to gold is still special. “In my opinion, it was more precisely defined by Alexander Vasilyev,” says stylist-shopper Elena Vaiman.

“Despite the craving for Europe, we are also Asians, and for Asians it is very important to show wealth – and the possession of gold shows that as a person you took place.”

“First of all, the woman is still perceived as a commodity, which must be appropriately packed,” reflects the image-maker Irina Lorak. – Secondly, the woman still lacks in life those moments where jewelery is appropriate, and she tries to add a holiday on weekdays. Thirdly, when you leave the airport somewhere in Europe, you immediately feel a sense of security: you know that the police will help that drivers follow the rules and so on. We constantly feel in danger.

And the woman seems to take something with her that she can pay off, what she can live on-she, of course, does not really think that tomorrow is war and hunger, she simply subconsciously feels instability and insecurity. “

“Of course, good precious products, appropriately demonstrated, have not lost their significance,” continues Elena Vaiman. – Our mistake is that we show them on the beach or in the market – and in the meantime the seller of the meat has even more, all the fingers in the gold rings with diamond crumbs. What is funny coincides with the fact that the gem, according to legend, is always in the blood – with a bloody history. ”

Known to the grandmothers the rules of the relevant show are still relevant:

• In the daytime, only a gold wedding ring is allowed, miniature, not eye-catching earrings, a thin chain under the clothes.

• It is acceptable to combine yellow and white precious metals (or their imitation), if it is a question of cold shades of gold. The bad tone is the combination of warm and cold metals, for example, yellow gold and silver.
• The cross, regardless of the cost of metal and work, is not an ornament and can not be displayed.

Toys for adults

Good jewelry today is more expensive than cheap products made of gold. Moreover, both rarely deceive the eye and in the case of casual-style eloquent sign of a shortage of money for a variety of jewelry is more likely “jeweler”.

With jewelry for students it’s simple – it’s clear that bracelets with thorns, all sorts of emo-things and Barbie’s stolen goods are not required to obey the etiquette books and can be put on the principle of “the more, the more fun”.

The only puncture is to combine inexpensive cool tricks with given mums with “decent” earrings and rings. As for all other aspects of clothing, there are two zones for jewelry: one is stylistic games, in which bracelets up to the elbows, if you imagine yourself an African traveler, – and a classics area where conservative laws still act. “For example, with a small black dress is still appropriate to limit the thread of pearls – continues Elena Wyman. – After 35 years, cheap materials are already out of place. It is more appropriate to choose more massive ornaments, and this massiveness should not be false, – explains Elena Vayman. – That is, what looks like a heavy stone should not be a lightweight piece of synthetic material.

And, of course, in the case of any decorations, it’s better to not get enough than to sort out: preferably, that the accent was only one. For example, with fancy rings it is better not to disperse the attention of bracelets. “

The choice of costume jewelry is dictated not only by the style of clothing, but also by the proportions of the face and figure of the hostess (this, of course, applies to jewelry). Obviously, larger facial features and shape shapes are more massive ornaments, and small features and general fragility are miniature. But Irina Lorak emphasizes that the image in general will look stylish only if more subtle details are taken into account: “You need to focus on the roughness of the outline of the face – the angular chin and cheekbones require corners and in ornaments, roundness of the face geometry – round ornaments. Narrow features in the face – thin lips, eastern eyes require the same narrow forms in the jewelry. ”

In other words, it’s worth looking at yourself as a drawing of nature and choosing an ornament whose designer draws in a similar style. 

“A pendant on a long lace or chain – usually massive – is appropriate only for tall women of a rather dramatic type,” continues Mrs. Lorak. – He pulls a small woman down. And do not forget that what hangs in the belt area, has sexual connotations. ”

In places!

For the student budget, the best choice is the democratic British network Accessorize (jewelry up to 800 rubles), which relies on ethnic and romantic-old style: imitation of medallions dark in old age, artificial pearls and feathers, tinted with British humor in the form of nesting dolls. In the same price category, interesting beads and other things come across on the counter at the ticket office in Camaieu – there is more plastic and technocratic geometry.

Ethnic experiments – felted brooches and beads and the like – in the “Collection of trifles” by Chaplygin. For adult costume jewelry, you can go to the Antica Murrina store on the October highway (decorations from Murano glass – prices up to 10,000 rubles). Or in the store “Orchids – the world of jewelry” in the skyscraper “Blue tooth” on the Communist – here jewelry from the romantic and wedding to the avant-garde costs from about 2000 to 20 000 rubles. Suddenly, the shop “Purkua Pa” is located in the local shopping center – it has a stylistic and price difference: the student can find an unusual ring for 300 rubles, and an adult lady – a complex costume made of natural stones and lava for 5000 rubles.

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