July 20, 2024

Choosing perfume, you need to understand how they combine with your skin

“Apply the fragrance to the places you want to be kissed,” Coco Chanel advised. In the spring, this recommendation is more urgent than ever – after all, together with the revival of nature sensuality awakens.

And the smell is one of the components of a woman’s sexual image. About the spring fragrances, new trends in perfume and how to choose perfume, recognized the correspondent of SE.

That the winter heavy, spicy, warming aroma spring smell of perfume should be easy – anyone will say without hesitation. Spring spirits should be combined with a blooming nature, fresh smell of a drop and a southern wind, but do not interrupt these delicate and delicate scents. Spring spirits barely perceptible, practical, appetizing, of course, fruit and certainly – floral.

Youth is another definition of spring smells, so that a thick, spicy, bitter flavor at this time of year will sound a discord with the youth of nature.

Spring direction – a reflection of carefree, joy, dreaminess and expectation of a miracle – the most predictable in the beauty industry. From year to year, perfumers sealed this special mood in vials fuller than the tolerable ease of being. Now, however, they approach the question much more practical – knowing perfectly what flavors are particularly popular, a lightweight version of the smell is released in the spring.

“The fact is that today the division of aromas by seasonality is no longer relevant,” says Anna Yakovleva, director of the Perfumery and Cosmetics store. – And even the flavor’s orientation to the exterior is no longer used.

The main thing is the mood and inner sensation of a woman, who can externally be a blonde with frivolous curls, and inside – a burning brunette.

Now on the dressing table of many women are 10 bottles of all kinds of perfumes, and this does not mean that they can not decide on a choice – just pick up smells for all occasions. Although it is important, of course, to focus on fashion trends. ”

In the store “L’Etoile”, however, believe that the spring spirits exist, and they represent thethree of the newest fragrancesthat distinguish freshness and spring frivolity.

1. I Loewe You Spanish brand Loewe opens notes of bergamot, grapefruit and citrus. In the “notes of the heart” a rose, peony and jasmine are hidden, and the train carries vanilla, musk and wood. This smell is very light, fresh, rather daytime than evening, and more gentle than fatal. The creators of the perfume, whose track record – the perfumes Solo, named together with Pure Poison the best fragrance of 2005, hope for a similar success and their new offspring.

2. Lovely Prismfrom Givenchy – inside the pink-blue bottle there is a real bouquet of flowers, seductive and refined, which will taste like a young, modern woman, close to the classics rather than to the avant-garde. “The prism is in some way the emblem of Givenchy. This motif has long been used in the line of decorative cosmetics, and now we want it to be associated with perfume, “says Sandra Bede-Mosni, marketing manager for Givenchy. The fragrance is perfect for a day’s walk in the city that is being renewed, warmed by the spring sun.

3. Young Sexy Lovely– The YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) abbreviation is a bright and joyful fragrance based on a fragrant, explosive, but at the same time light recipe of specially selected fruits and flowers. The glass bottle is created in the style of dress from Yves Saint Laurent and has an impeccable silhouette: a graphic decollete, a wide waist, covering the waist, and a lush skirt. The smell is perfect for flirting, gentle smiles and kisses. “Dressing up” in him, you can not refrain from coquetry and new pleasant acquaintances.

The world mood of perfumers – a return to the roots, to the classic feminine smells. New versions of legendary fragrances are being created, for example, Opium Summer Fragrance – a summer variation of the popular smell from YSL, Paris Roses Enchantees – a version of the famous Paris of the same fashion house, Miracle Forever – a version of the Miracle from Lancôme, and many others. The main idea that perfumers want to convey this spring – a woman should remember her destiny, that she was created for love, and the scents surrounding her must be sensual, enveloping, warm, attracting, feminine. Remaining relevant in the spring appeared last year Nina from Nina Ricci, Femme from Hugo Boss, Armani Code, Pure Poison Elixir from Christian Dior.

In the spring, the weather changes, it becomes warmer, and it is worth trying to switch to lighter in concentration “carriers”.

At this time of year instead of perfume it is better to use toilet water, deodorants with so-called veils for hair, and closer to summer in general with aromatic water without alcohol.

A thick cream for the body can often be hidden in the toilet box until winter, and be sedated with light milk and moisturizing gels.

By the way, when choosing a fragrance, one should realize that the appearance of the spirits themselves and the bottle reflects their content. The dark liquid most often has a thick oriental odor, and the lighter the contents of the vial, the smell is easier and colder.

For example, the massive heavy bottle and the very dark contents of Observation from Calvin Klein indicate that it is thick, viscous, very feminine perfume, and L’Eau Par Kenzo is almost transparent perfume in a fine glass vial and smells thin. Although there are exceptions – for example, the last Prada perfume is transparent, but at the same time – bitter.

It is necessary to remember, also, that this perfume is a three-step perfume. He reveals himself and changes for a whole day: that’s why Anna Yakovleva recommends not using the stick:

“On paper perfume smells neutral, you need to understand how they combine with your skin: to apply to zones with pulsation – it’s best to wrist, to resemble a smell, even spend the night with him. ”

The top notes of the fragrance, the very first ones, are immediately felt, and the creators of the spirits impose on them a very important task: to interest, captivate, enchant. The so-called notes of the heart will show up in an hour, and the basic, basic notes come slowly, but last a long time.

Therefore, even if the spirits immediately sank into the soul, you need to wait for the notes of the heart – perhaps further development of the relationship with the aroma will come to naught, or maybe this will be the beginning of a new love.

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