How Narcissists Twist, the Story, to Make Look Like They, Are the Victim

We all know how manipulative narcissists can be. That’s just in their nature. They are toxic and make you think it’s your fault for everything. But, where’s that power to make you feel guilty coming from?

How do they always manage to be the victim at the end of the argument? What they do is brain-washing, day by day, year by year… They slowly transform you into another person that you never thought you’ll become.

Eventually, you don’t know half the person you’ve become.

In this article, we will talk more about the common behaviors and scenarios of these toxic people where they play the victim and manipulate you.

How Narcissists Twist, the Story, to Make Look Like They, Are the Victim

Delusion Denial

The problem about narcissists is that sometimes they really don’t see the event as it is. But, that’s because it’s not convenient for them, so they convince themselves that it’s a lie before they convince you.

If things don’t turn as they want, they become frustrated, angry, and hurt. So, as a coping mechanism, they come up with an alternative version of the story and start convincing you it’s true.


Normal people deal with their problems internally or by discussing them with their closest friends. But, narcissists don’t have close, healthy people in their life, and they don’t like to resolve their problems.

All they want is to hear others that they are in the right. But, for that to happen, they should either find unhealthy people who are unable to recognize their true nature, or to tell another version of the story where they are the good, caring, noble, naive, and virtuous person.

In order to be the victim of the story, they make the other person look like immoral, cruel, evil, and selfish.

Narcissistic Projection

How Narcissists Twist, the Story, to Make Look Like They, Are the Victim

Narcissists tend to attribute their own bad traits, perspective, and behavior to the other person to shift the responsibility and attention from them. So, if they say their partner is jealous, it means they are the jealous one.

If they say their partner was cruel to them, it means they were the cruel one in that situation. Their purpose is to make themselves look like they are the good guy, and not the other person. This is known as narcissistic projection.

Framing the Story

These people like to present only the part of the story where their victim reacted to their toxic behavior. They don’t mention the beginning of the story, but only the part that makes them look like the victim.

They also use deceiving language and euphemisms to twist the story. For example, if they make fun of someone and if that person stands up for themselves, they say something like “I was joking, but then you started being mean to me.”

But, what they really think is “How dare you challenge me?”

Spreading False Information Around

They do this to turn other against their victim, hoping that no one will find out the truth. Sometimes they can tell so severe and damaging lies that can ruin the other person’s confidence and relationship with other people.


The truth is, narcissists are fragile people with low self-confidence who need to do whatever it takes to maintain a fantasy that they are the good person and not the other one. They need to make someone feel bad in order to feel good.

They feed on other people’s misery because they are miserable. They come up with manipulative stories and convince everyone of it, just so they get their validation from people that their delusion is true.

As a result, people get emotionally, financially, socially, and even physically hurt. But, they don’t care about that, they only care about themselves. So please be wise and careful to avoid getting into this kind of situations, reduce the damage, and cut them out of your life forever.

We hope this article will help you protect yourself from selfish and manipulative narcissists!

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