May 24, 2024

How Astrology Became A Chic Accessory

And with astrology being the gateway to new ideas, productivity, and positivity, it’s no surprise that we’ve begun weaving these energies into our everyday lifestyles. From clothes to nail art and even tattoos, astro-chic accessories have really gripped the mainstream.

How Astrology Became A Chic Accessory

Think major labels like Vetements and J. Crew with their sign-inspired tees; or couture takes like Maria Grazia Chiuri’s astrological-embroidered debut collection for Dior. The messages of astrology are now entrenched in how we choose to express and dress ourselves.

But one of the most recognizable ways astrology has taken physical form has always been through jewelry. Zodiac signs, talismans, and crystals were worn long before they were given the ‘gram-worthy polish seen in recent years.

“Since the beginning of time, people have adorned themselves with gems from the earth, so these accessories are nothing new,” says Gordon. “But now people are keen to reacquaint themselves with the healing and activating properties of such stones and symbols. ”

And it’s not just for show: Assigning meaning – love, healing, protection, strength, balance – to your accessories speaks to the unique energies of each and every moment. Perhaps this is what inspired a new wave of zodiac jewelry, from Claire Weight Keller at Givenchy to the more affordable ranges of evil eyes and crystals at Free People and Satya. And let us not forget all the handmade creations from Etsy sellers.

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