The most common wedding signs that guarantee problems in family life

With the advent of heat, companies engaged in organizing weddings are already in full swing preparing for a new season. However, the newlyweds do not rush to go to the registry office – according to experts, in May few are to be married.

This is due to the numerous signs surrounding the wedding ritual. A list of what needs to be done and what is strictly forbidden, is extensive and diverse: beginning with the fact that the bride needs to cry on her wedding day – then her family life will be happy, and ending with the fact that the groom who has haircut before the wedding risks the health of future children.

SHE correspondent talked about the most common wedding signs with wedding organizers, psychologists and employees of the registry office.

Keeping roots

The fact that the wedding is surrounded by many signs and superstitions is not at all surprising, experts say. “In the life of any person, there are three solid milestones – birth, marriage and death. These are transitional states that have always been surrounded by certain rituals, rituals that needed to be observed so that this transition was normal, “says psychologist Nikita Lozin. Thus, following the signs, performing rituals prepared a person for a new life.

According to Nikita Lyozin, a large number of divorces is partly due to the fact that the transition state in the modern world is almost non-existent, marriage ceases to be a sacrament, and in fact, life before the wedding is perceived the same as life after.

Not Mayansya

May, judging by Russian folklore, is considered not the most successful month for any serious events. “Who will be born in May – the whole age will miss,” “In May, marry – the century to suffer”, “I would be glad to marry, but May does not order” – proverbs are strongly not recommended to start weddings, and even to come into the world. It is believed that the true reason for this pessimism lies in the fact that in May winter stocks came to an end and the sowing began in the villages, so it is quite logical – the time for fun was absolutely unsuitable. After many years, city residents continue to follow superstitions, without even thinking about what they are caused.

“Of course, in May fewer couples register, it has always been so,” admits Olga Berbentseva, the head of the Palace of Marriage. – The difference with June is significant, and in most cases this is due to the signs. For example, in May 2009 we had 72 marriages registered, and in June – already 520. ” 

If you are not afraid of signs associated with the agricultural cycle, you can take advantage of the unpopularity of the last month of spring and calmly choose a date convenient for you for the wedding.

The surprise will be

“If the bridegroom sees a bride in a dress before the wedding – wait for trouble,” – says the sign. Details of the disaster were not disclosed. What awaits girls who chose a dress of a different color than white is also unknown, but it also threatens trouble. White color, as is known, still symbolizes purity and innocence – apparently, wearing a dress of a different color, it was possible to raise doubts on this account (for example, the woman who married the second time was forbidden to wear a white dress).

Turning to the wedding salons, the correspondent of SHE was convinced that this superstition is still alive. The consultants unanimously declared that traditional white dresses and ivory (ivory) clothes are bought much more often than other shades or combined with other colors. “The most popular colors are white and the color of champagne,” the White Rose wedding center said.

As for who is going with the brides to the wedding salon, it was not possible to find an unambiguous answer. According to the wedding organizer Victoria Golubeva, modern brides take their grooms with them in order not only to make the right choice, but also to pick up his shirt or suit in the tone of the dress. Her colleague Jan Belyuskin holds a different opinion: “Bridesmaids dresses are chosen with moms, girlfriends or with a stylist. The grooms are advised, but girls are chosen because they do not want to torment the suitors. ”

Hold the ring, catch the bouquet

A lot of superstitions are connected with the main symbol of the wedding – the wedding ring. It is believed that it should be simple and smooth – it supposedly guarantees a smooth family life in the future. This aspect is ignored by modern newlyweds. “Now the rings are chosen according to design, often with stones and white gold,” says Jana Belyuskina. “We enjoy the popularity of products with diamonds and products from several alloys. Classic rings are less bought, “- said in the jewelry salon” Golden Olympus”.

According to the signs, the ring can not be given to measure girlfriends, drop during the ceremony and lose after – the bride, who violates these rules, promises misery and divorce. “It happened, of course, that the rings fell during the ceremony,” says Olga Berbentseva, “but, in my opinion, if a person is afraid of something, this will happen to him.”

If it is not recommended to spread the rings, the Western tradition to throw the bouquet has taken root and is actively welcomed by unmarried girlfriends. True, this innovation also acquired omens.

“It has already appeared some belief that one should not throw your bouquet,” said Margarita Hruk, director of development at the studio “Bright.” “And recently, brides make a bouquet of a duplicate, which they throw, and leave their own, dry and store.”

What are they talking about? 

Is it worth seeing in signs signs from above, to which one should listen, or are they vestiges of the past that have lost relevance? “There are things in which we do not even admit ourselves at times. Our unconscious is very symbolic and consists of different signs, symbols and feelings associated with them, – says psychologist Natalya Mazalova.

“If a person does not really want to marry or get married, he begins to look for signs that confirm an unconscious message in which he does not admit himself.” The prince becomes an excellent refuge for those who do not want to understand the true causes of what is happening. Unable to give a rational explanation for trouble, admit to himself that he behaved incorrectly, it is easier to dump everything on a black cat that has run across the road.

In the event that you are prone to superstitions, and at the main moment in your life you have had trouble, the psychologist Tatyana Anisimova recommends finding a superstition-antidote: “There is a sign-plus for any sign-minus: it spat, hit the fist, something else made to turn things back. ”

And yet, for sure, everyone will have a lot of happy acquaintances who married in May, not wearing a white dress and dropping the ring during the wedding ceremony. And as many as divorced, who believed all the signs, observed all the rites, but this did not save them.

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