June 20, 2024

Hero Lyft driver rescues barefoot toddler found walking alone during storm

A CaliforniaLyft driver was alarmed when hefound a baby wandering around outside in the rain earlier this week. Del Hedrickposted a video to Twitter early Wednesday morning showing him holding the baby in his car, away from the storm.

“I’m dropping somebody off in this apartment complex,” Hedrick explains in the video. “I found this little baby walking around with no shoes on, no nothing. The cops are on their way. ”

He told CBS Sacramento thathe tried to see if the baby’s family was in the apartment complex, but called the police when he couldn’t find them. The child had reportedly snuck outside when her mother was leaving for work. Sgt. Jeaneane Kucker of the Santa Rosa Police Department told the news outlet that the responding officer reunited the child with her babysitter, who was searching for her.

A Lyft driver called the police when he found a toddler outside on her own.

The Santa Rosa Police Department praisedHedrick for looking after the little one during the storm in a Facebook post that called him a “hero. ”

“Del Hedrick’s actions demonstrate how we all work together to keep our community safe,” the post said. “His initiative to shelter the toddler and help reunite her with her family is both heartening and inspiring. On behalf of the Santa Rosa Police Department and our community, thank you for helping a member of our community in-need. ”

Lyft’s Twitter account also responded toHedrick’s video to thank him for taking action.

Del, we are incredibly grateful that you were able to look out for this little one! We have escalated this to the appropriate team and someone will be in touch. Thank you for all that you do! – Ask Lyft (@AskLyft) February 13, 2019

Locals joined in on applauding his heroism, and shared their own stories of wandering off as a kid.

“You’re awesome! What a beautiful act of kindness/compassion,” one person commented on Facebook.

“Every parent’s worst nightmare. Good job Del! ” another wrote.

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