February 23, 2024

Seven Myths About Breast Enlargement

A beautiful female breast is an integral part of her sexuality. And so the lucky owners of a luxurious bust are jealous of those ladies who are less fortunate with this part of the body. But few change the shape and size of their female dignity. Why?

Myths and prejudices about surgical methods of breast correction are still many. As far as they correspond to reality, we asked the chief surgeon of the “Other Rules” clinic, Alexander Bush.

Breast enlargement is only obsessed with a complexed person.

This myth is connected with the fact that indications for breast enlargement (unsatisfactory form due to omission, asymmetry, scars) are not medical, but aesthetic. And you can live with them for a long time, but not everyone can be happy at the same time. Because every woman wants to be attractive and sexy!

And you can argue a long time about why a woman paints her lips, makes depilation and manicure, i. e. watching himself to please himself or be attractive to men. If a woman is not sure about her breast size, she should solve this problem.

Of course, there are people who do not really have problems with appearance, but in excess of their demands and expectations from the world. This is the rare category that wants the rear exclusively as in Jennifer Lopez, and the bust just like Jessica Simpson. Experienced surgeons will never work with such women, because they know: they will not change their attitude to themselves after the operation.

Mandatory complications and unbearable pain after surgery.

Pain after surgery, of course, can not be avoided. But, according to Alexander Bush, do not exaggerate its intolerance: many girls, going home the day after the operation, do without painkillers. Of course, the first week will have to restrain gesticulation. And compression linen, which is worn for a couple of months for the proper formation of tissues, is not a lace bustier. But the vast majority of girls are already very happy with the new form of their breasts in the first days after the operation, when the edema subsides, and a good mood allows them to suffer temporary inconveniences. As for the complications, their probability is predicted even at the stage of the operation, and modern technologies reduce it to a minimum. The nerve, responsible for the sexual sensitivity of the chest, is not affected during surgery.

Plastic can not be carried out before the birth of a child, because in the future it is fraught with problems with feeding.

Today, there are three basic technologies of prosthetics: when the implant is inserted through the incision under the breast, in the armpit or in the para-aureole (around the nipple). With the first two implants placed below the breast, and only the last option, far from being the most common, affects her tissues – it is often used when operating women who do not plan to give birth.

The implant increases the likelihood of breast cancer.

This myth is based on outdated data that the body of the implant interferes with oncodiagnostics. But the technique is developing: “Modern equipment has a high resolution and allows visualization of breast tissue during examination,” says Alexander Bush.

In addition, the dependence of the growth of oncological diseases on the number of operations on the plastic surgery of the breast is not confirmed by studies.

Contraindications are another matter. If the client has prerequisites for the formations in the mammary gland, this is a taboo for any interventions. Therefore, before the operation, all women undergo mandatory ultrasound examination of mammary glands and mammograms.

The implant will never look like a real breast, and everyone will notice it.

In modern plastic surgery, the concepts of beautiful and natural breast shape are inseparable. There are many implants, all of them differ in the size, shape and density of the filler. And pick up each patient is her option is easy. And to make it look as natural as possible, the natural form of the breast of a woman is first of all taken into account. And then the prosthesis is only one of the elements among the complex of means by which the surgeon forms a beautiful and natural form of the breast.

The implant is unreliable: it can burst, tear, and eventually wear, and in a few years will have to do a new operation.

All modern endoprostheses (implants) are filled with gel in a dense membrane (membrane), which is so strong that it can stretch 500 times. In addition, the manufacturer sets a lifetime warranty on its products. This indicates that there is no need to fear any planned re-operation. Another thing is that no one has repealed the laws of time and gravity: with age, muscle ligaments can weaken. But probably, at the age of 60, it is foolish to demand the ideal shape of an elastic apple from a woman’s breast.

If you decide to surgery, then it should be done in Moscow, and better – in Europe.

The success of the operation depends not on the point of the earth it is located, but on the skill of the surgeon and the equipment of the clinic. In Novosibirsk, many experienced surgeons of world level. This fully applies to plastic surgeons. We have a lot of talented specialists, on account of which not a dozen successfully carried out the most complex plastic operations. And it should be noted that among their patients there are many residents of capital cities and foreigners.

Today, we can say that all surgical clinics of the country and abroad are equipped with the same equipment, as the equipment and materials for plastic surgery by Moscow, foreign and specialists of our city are purchased from the same, as a rule, world famous manufacturers. But an undeniable plus for operated in Novosibirsk is that the patient is under the direct supervision of a doctor for a long time. We, for example, lead patients for a year after the operation.

In the clinic “Other rules” the procedure (with materials) will cost you 70 000-110 000 rubles – it is quite comparable with the purchase of a good new TV. However, unlike the material benefits of civilization, female sexuality is priceless.

To paraphrase a well-known expression, one can conclude: who is satisfied with his breast – spreads rumors about the dangers of surgical correction, who wants to improve his bust – turns to specialists.

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