July 24, 2024

Warts and scars: unpleasant ornaments

Skin is the biggest organ of a person. It’s great if it’s also the most beautiful: smooth, smooth, with no extra additions. But this is not always the case, for example – warts and similar growths are found in about 10% of the population, and 75% of people have dealt with them at least once in their entire life.

Scars and scars also rarely adorn women. Whether it is possible to struggle with these troubles, the correspondent of SE recognized.

Warts, papillomas and genital warts are a viral disease caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV. The virus lives in the body of 75% of people, but it does not manifest in all. Those whose immunity is high enough, the virus is asleep.

But any physical or psychological changes, as well as avitaminosis can cause the appearance of warts, papillomas, genital warts and other formations on the skin.

Ratkevich MV, cosmetician of the Sharm clinic, told where different kinds of formations are localized and why they need to be removed: “Warts usually grow near the joints – on the hands, elbows, on the feet, condylomas – on the genitals, papillomas may appear on any part of the body – even on the face.

All these formations need to be removed – firstly, it is ugly, secondly – they grow and multiply, and most importantly – the risk is high through them to transmit the virus to others.

In addition, condylomas on the genitals often become inflamed. Moles need to be removed if they are in places where they are constantly exposed to irritation with chains, clothes. ”

Ways of removal:

Cryodestruction(using liquid nitrogen) – remove small formations, mostly warts, a method almost painless, 50-100 rubles per 1 pc.

Electrocoagulation(removal of incandescent filaments) – allows to remove larger growths, papillomas, condylomas, to regulate the depth of influence. It is used with the use of anesthesia. 300-400 for 1 pc. – the more objects, the lower the cost.

Laser coagulation(laser removal) – the accuracy of the laser beam allows minimally damage the healthy skin around the formation. It is used with anesthesia. From 1000 rubles for 1 pc.

Many methods of treating warts and other voluminous growths exist in folk medicine. If you do not take into account the imposition of strings and slander (although some argue that they have been helped by different methods of sorcery), then the celandine juice, thuja or aloe – is a rather effective remedy. But, again, the celandine is not safe for everyone, and the skin reaction to it is unpredictable. As a result, a burn may occur, or the virus will spread wider and cause new growths. Also it must be remembered that it is impossible to remove moles (nevi) themselves, as they have the property of regenerating and often – in cancer cells.

“Even a treatment with folk methods should be handled by a specialist,” warns Natalia Petrenko, cosmetologist at the Leleya Beauty and Health Center. – And to find the grandmother-travnitsu, I believe, it is more difficult, than the cosmetician.

There are more than one hundred methods of popular methods, but there are also pseudo-folk methods, for example, we were treated more than once with burns after using a certain liquid “Superchistotelo”, which includes not pure chemicals, but chemical compounds – sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide. ”

Scars and scars that occur on the skin after injuries and surgeries often do not bring pleasant emotions with their non-aesthetic appearance. “It is impossible to remove scarring and scars without leaving a trace, that is, tissue densification, and besides this is a natural healing process, it is not worth interfering with,” says Natalia Petrenko, cosmetologist at the Leleya Beauty and Health Center. – We take only abnormal scars atrophic (below the skin) or hypertrophic (protruding above the skin), and do not remove them, but bring them to a normal rumen. ”

The color of the tissue in the place of scars and scars can not be even compared with the color of the surrounding skin, since when the fire is ignited, the difference will still be noticeable – in compacted tissues melanin is often absent.

Bring scars and scars into the natural form with the help of mesotherapy, or by exposure to active cell cosmetic agents. Depending on the age of the patient, the location of the scar or scar, and also its size, appoint 4 to 25 sessions. The cost of the procedure ranges from 800 to 2500 rubles. In addition, the method of radio wave surgery on the apparatus “Surgitron” is used. The cost of treatment depends on the volume of the object being removed, one manipulation – from 1200 rubles.

Without a trace, nothing happens in our life, but still there is a chance to make a trace as unobtrusively as possible.

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