How To Wear The Season’s Most Shocking Color

We love neutral colorways, especially as the temperature starts to drop, but we’re also all about incorporating some color into our fall wardrobes. And, this season, we’re drawn to yellow.

From street style to high fashion runway shows like Louis Vuitton, Maison Margiela, and Calvin Klein, the cheery color exploded this year, so much so that trend forecasters named it the new millennial pink. For fall, however, we’re seeing less highlighter-bright shades of seasons past and richer yellow tones, like marigold.

Vibrant without overpowering, marigold transcends seasonality. Its golden undertones are universal, adding warmth to all skin tones, and it instantly imparts that sunny disposition of summer.

The rich yellow shade serves as a good base color for casual looks, like jeans and a sweater, and makes for great a statement piece as well. If you don’t have a classic coat for fall, go ahead and invest in one that’s marigold; or if you’re a bolder dresser, try faux fur. When it comes to the season’s yellow, there are plenty of textures to choose from, including wool, leather, silk, and our personal favorite, suede.

How To Wear The Season’s Most Shocking Color

The color trend isn’t reserved for fashion, either. Big in the beauty scene, you can sweep yellow over your eyelids for an unexpected pop of color or over your cheeks, courtesy of Fenty Beauty by Rihanna, to help wake up your complexion. No matter how you choose to wear it, marigold demands attention – in a good way!

Shop some of our favorite yellow styles for fall below.

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