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The expression “paddled nose” always turns out to be a euphemism.Shy girls used to use it when they wanted to use the toilet; Uma Thurman in “Pulp Fiction” – to drag on cocaine. 

But if you reject the extremes, then “one minute, I just popodryu nosik” usually means a complete make-up with the outline of smoky eyes. “Let’s go, we’re late, and you’re so good!” The satellite is nervous. And it is already impossible to explain even to myself: whether we are painted, because we are not sure of the “good”, or simply accustomed to our “parade” image, or self-express.

And, in the end, for whom do we do it? The correspondent of SE interviewed more than a dozen highly deserving men to find out what they think of cosmetic tricks.

The correspondent of SE found out that it frightens off men in women’s make-up and manicure

For a start, good news: tales of how “she washed and he got scared” remain the prerogative of gifted young people with a rich imagination – but not life experience. All those interviewed by the SHE correspondent could not recall the cases when the natural variant was much faded compared to the dress code. A couple of exceptions under the experimental conditions have evening lighting and alcohol.

Black list

Among the stylistic decisions that respondents are not pleased with, long artificial nails are unquestionably leading – they were mentioned by almost all the respondents.

“Long sharp nails of unnatural flowers look appropriate only in a nightclub – with the appropriate way,” says Ilya (34, journalist).

“It seems that under them there must be, sorry, dirt. They look creepy and frightening. And they are held unnaturally, as if this is the most expensive, “Alexander (30, a lawyer) is perplexed. 

Following the nails on the frequency of mentions are negligence and excessive makeup – shadows spot, inaccurate eyeliner, leaving behind the contour of lipstick. 

“Lipstick on your teeth! – says Alexei (27 years old, engineer). – Also it is not pleasant, when plentiful – evening, even wedding – a make up the girl turns in daily ».

Oddly enough, there were no complaints about excess tonal cream or powder in the folds of the skin, their unnatural color – gaffes, which are easily noticed by women from each other. But often noticeable noticeable blush – they are called absurdity and vulgarity. Painted lips, too, someone does not like: irritated by dark and bright lipsticks of unnatural colors and transparent glosses of a sticky look about equally.

Natural coloring

“If the make-up is noticeable – this is a bad make-up! Personally it seems to me that enough compensation for defects – pimples, irregularities, “- severely cut off Peter (29 years old, a scientific worker). 

“I like moderation, conformity to the image. I like it when it seems that there is no makeup at all. In fact, he, of course, is present, just not very noticeable. The key word – regardless of the layer of paint on the face – is neatness, “Alexei continues.

So, the most desirable girl is recognized with an even skin of fresh color (no matter how she achieved it). Perfect lips – tinted with not too shiny translucent lipstick of natural color. Eyes are allowed to be “slightly highlighted”. By the way, experiments show that gentle layer of mascara on eyelashes – without heavy artillery to increase length and volume – gentlemen do not notice, and some even consider the same color of hair and eyelashes proof of naturalness. Nails want to see, of course, well-groomed, without peeling varnish (notice!), Natural colors. However, bright colored nails of short and medium length are often remembered as a pretty detail.

Call of the Ancestors

The image described by the respondents has little to do with the classic female vamp – scarlet lips, black eyelids and other stereotypes. However, such attributes are always associated with the forbidden corners of bad taste … and pure instincts.

“The lips are silicone, juicyly colored, resemble a female sexual organ – you look and you can not help it,” one of the respondents, honestly admits, described in general much more refined ideas about female beauty.

“It is known that the mouth is subconsciously identified with the labia – and the red color signals sexual arousal,” comments Igor Poperechny, director of the Center for Medical Sexology and Psychotherapy. – The same applies to underlining the eyes – the eye is also a symbol of the female genitalia, and emphasizing their canvases enhances the appeal.

As for the makeup of the cheeks, this is another way to simulate sexual arousal – cheeks are burning, ears are burning …

Virtually all the initial attributes of make-up overplay the signs of excitement. ” Recognized as an ideal, natural and fresh makeup, by the way, also correlates with the quite “primitive” search for a young and healthy partner.

“It’s another matter that there are other types of makeup that mask sexuality: makeup in the emo style, unnatural colors,” continues Mr. Cross. – Human nature is always dual, and the desire to attract struggles with fear to attract attention, get dependent on a partner – then the person – subconsciously – puts a disguised disguise on the person. ”

Theater for myself

The most curious when discussing the contents of the cosmetic bag with men is their desire to perceive the female face entirely, with great difficulty isolating the details from it. This allows gentlemen to easily reconcile themselves with the black eyeliner and green shadows, if they have already discerned the actual girl under them. To the stylistic games gentlemen too concern with understanding: all is OK, if “make-up” is necessary to us “for an image”, and the image corresponds to the notorious place and time.

“A girl can be beautifully made up, but if she does not know how to move, or her face has an opposite mine – it’s pointless. Here, for example, eastern women can be terribly painted, but keep with such grace and dignity that the image is fascinating, “- reflects Vladimir (34 years old, doctor).

“If, for example, the hair and clothes are black, the Gothic image, then it is appropriate to bring the eyes more feasibly,” argues Victor (25, manager). – If you wear a dress in peas, as in old movies, it is appropriate to make up lipstick with red lipstick. And to be painted by bright lipstick with usual clothes is very simply stupid! ».

The same ability to think in holistic ways allows young men to believe in the natural origin of a healthy blush and expressive eyelashes. This science even goes to school – in literature lessons:

“Meanwhile, he managed to notice the foot, with the intention of being exposed and shod with all sorts of coquetry. This reconciled him somewhat with the rest of her attire. As for white and antimony, in the simplicity of his heart, to admit, he did not notice them at first sight, and after that he did not suspect. ” Alexander (31, the sun of Russian poetry).

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