Do not sit on concrete

Pain in the abdomen becomes the first sign of impending infertility after adnexitis. All women are afraid of getting sick all over women, but they are trying to convince themselves that it’s just a cold.

Pain in the bottom of the abdomen, unnatural secretions on the background of high fever – the symptoms are familiar to many girls. However, the home expression “chilled the appendages” most often characterizes a serious disease – adnexitis, or, as it is more correctly called, salpingoophoritis, – inflammation of the tubes and ovaries.

The fact that the common cold is the main factor, which is fraught with inflammation of the appendages and whether they can be cured, was recognized by the correspondent of SE.

Cold – just a background

Get adnexitis, chilling the appendages, it is impossible – hypothermia itself can not cause acute inflammation.

“The cause of adnexitis is infection, and everything else – colds, physical exertion, decreased immunity – the background on which infections lead to inflammation,” explains Lyudmila Daychman, head of the department. Department of Gynecology of the Road Clinical Hospital. That is why adolescents and girls who do not live sexually have very little access to adnexitis, and only as a result of a catastrophic decrease in immunity and activity in connection with this conditionally pathogenic flora found in the genitals and rectum. That is why it is very important to wear warm pantyhose, a ban on sitting on stones and concrete, foot wetting – hypothermia lowers immunity and gives infections to the will.

Adnexitis – the actual inflammatory process – should not be confused with periadnexitis – the adhesive result of inflammation. Spikes (scars on the tissues) arise when the body tries to block the spread of infection, this is a kind of protective reaction. However, spikes, according to Lyudmila Daychman, lead to obstruction of the tubes, which, in turn, is fraught with ectopic pregnancies or at all infertility.

Pain and leucorrhoea

How to determine what happened inflammation? “Adnexitis can be acute and chronic,” explains Elena Snisarenko, a gynecologist and endocrinologist at the Zdravitsa family medicine center.

The main symptoms of acute inflammation of the appendages are lower abdominal pains, from acute to severe aching on the side of the lesion or both, separation from the genital tract, menstrual irregularity, and sometimes uterine bleeding. “

It often happens that women, when faced with such manifestations in an easy, not too painful form, decide to endure them, and adnexitis “hides”, becoming chronic and continuing to exert an effect on the body already imperceptibly, but with a convenient case of hypothermia, stress, SARS, decrease in immunity – again passes in an acute stage and pains are renewed. “The earlier a patient turns to a doctor, the more successful the treatment is,” Lyudmila Daychman explains. “If you do not tolerate it, sooner or later you will have to turn to a hospital – the symptoms will be forced.”

Each infection has its own

How is the treatment? First, the cause of inflammation is established: as we have already said, hypothermia is not the cause. Analyzes on IPPP, a smear on flora, bakposvevy, are spent in the gynecological chair. “Depending on the pathogen – after all, the cause of the disease may be ureaplasmosis, chlamydia, gonorrhea, trichomoniasis and other STIs – prescribe the appropriate antibiotic,” says Lyudmila Daychman.

It is clear that you can not treat adnexitis alone. But what if the pain quickly left and, it would seem, no more problems? “It is necessary to treat inflammation, as in addition to pain and other symptoms there is a danger of reproductive harm,” warns Elena Snisarenko.

Pelvic adhesions in some cases lead to obliteration (invasion – O.S.) of the fallopian tubes and infertility. ” 

And even if someone is not afraid of the impossibility of pregnancy, then they can recommend seriously thinking about the fact that ectopic pregnancy (with poor permeability of pipes) is a most unpleasant phenomenon and in some cases can carry a life threat. Or another consequence: “Sometimes the adnexitis is triggered to the point that the tubes need to be removed surgically, because they started a purulent process,” says Lyudmila Daychman.

If things are so serious, then is there any way to protect yourself from adnexitis? “A scrupulous approach to the choice of sexual partners will help,” the head of the department said. Department of Gynecology of the Road Clinical Hospital. Hygiene and monogamy is the right way to protect yourself from invading pathogenic infections into your own organism. But even healed infections, once disturbing the peace of your body, can “send greetings” for a long time, so going to the doctor at the first signs of adnexitis will give a good opportunity to block inflammation at an early stage and prevent periadenixitis. And with it and the anxiety about infertility.

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