The Panda Effect

At the beginning of the last century, dark circles under the eyes, like the actress of the silent cinema of Vera Kholodnaya, were the same sexually attractive element of appearance as the plump lips at the beginning of the present century.

And if our big ruddy mouth in those decadent years did not like anyone, then in our time “their” bruises under the eyes are more likely to repel than attract.

In fashion – a healthy complexion and a healthy lifestyle, and dark circles and swollen eyes are first of all perceived by contemporaries as signs of excess. SHE learned about how to remove eyes from bags.

Bruises under the eyes – the result of endocrine disorders and a long work at the computer

Get away

Let’s start with the problem with which, perhaps, everything has been encountered once in a lifetime, – morning swelling. Beer supper, spicy food for the night, plentiful drink leave traces on the eyes. Swollen eyelids look frankly bad, they spoil the facial expression, and if you understand that the swelling after washing and coffee will not pass, it is better, in order to preserve peace of mind, to resort to emergency folk methods. “Tea bags, ice, slices of raw potatoes, a decoction of parsley – a very effective tool for an ambulance for edema,” – says Dinara Lisova, cosmetologist of the center “Leleya”.

And lying with potatoes on the eyelids, it is worth remembering exactly the whole menu of yesterday evening, in order to isolate the product that is “harmful” to the eye. However, if swelling on the eyes appear regularly,

“Endocrine or cardiovascular diseases, as well as kidney problems, show themselves this way,” adds the cosmetologist. 

Here you will have to postpone tea bags and go to take tests to the clinic, and if swelling greatly interferes with applying makeup and flirting, then in parallel with treatment with specialists, you can go through a series of lymph drainage massage or other procedures aimed at working with blood vessels and lymphatic drainage.

Sorry, but it’s a hernia.

Some people, waking up with swollen eyes for a long time, try to remove swelling with improvised means, but they can not do it, and the swelling, which usually even if it is not to be rushed, passes by the middle of the day, they remain on the face until evening and even at night. The thing is that non-stop edema, the so-called bags under the eyes, no longer have to do with the circulation of fluid in the body, but are a fatty hernia.

“The appearance of the hernia is often genetically conditioned, and its appearance does not depend on age – it happens that so-called bags are pronounced in young girls,” comments Oleg Novoselov, head of the department. surgical department of the clinic “Elena”. “But fat people are more likely to have a fatty hernia.” Fatty hernia can only be removed surgically: transconjunctival (the cut is done from the mucous membrane of the inner eyelid), or, if there is an excess of skin, – through an external incision.

The removal of the hernia should be approached with great care: the function of the fat layer under the eyes is supportive, and that is why when the person grows thin, the fat tissue on the eyelid also loses weight, the “sunken eyes” effect appears. If the fatty hernia is removed without thinking, and this, according to the surgeon Novoselov, happens often, the appearance after the operation is unlikely to be better than the one that was, with the still existing hernia.

All the colors of the rainbow

In addition to swelling and bags, often even young girls face the “panda effect” – a pronounced unhealthy color of the eyelids. Bruises, or more correctly – dark circles under the eyes, are translucent through the thin skin of the veins. The yellowness of the eyelid is the pigmentation of the skin. In the first case, most often the problem is too thin skin, nightlife and long sitting at the computer. In the second case – heredity for the female line, disruptions in the endocrine system (most often the adrenal glands) or problems with the liver.

“Bruises under the eyes can be made less noticeable, affecting the tone of the veins with mesotherapy, improving the blood flow of drugs based on arnica, horse chestnut, in particularly neglected cases, you can use pharmacy ointments against bruises,– explains the cosmetologist Dinara Lisova. “In cases where brownish pigmentation is visible around the eyes, the skin can be lightened a little, but cosmetic procedures must necessarily be accompanied by treatment of internal organs.”

At home, the use of cooling sticks is fully shown – they are found in many cosmetic cosmetic lines: the cold effectively removes puffiness. In dark circles, according to the cosmetologist, you need to be careful with the cold, but eye creams (in the absence of allergies – it can be the cause of swelling) will not be superfluous – they have an easy drainage effect and well tone the skin.

To cover up bruises is the first desire arising when looking in the mirror. Currently, there are many tools to do this and avoid the effect of theatrical makeup. When you are thinking about what means you are suitable for disguise, you need to remember whether you have wrinkles: the more thick and dense the means, the more it will emphasize them. According to Dinara Lisova, it is not worthwhile to apply the tonal remedy directly to the skin of the eyelids, it is better to use the base, let it be a cream for the eyelids, especially recommended for reducing dark circles. Better yet, instead of the usual tonal remedy, use special concealers designed to correct the color of the eyelids.

The choice of color is like drawing a lesson: the brown pigment is masked by a pink shade of the concealer, the blue is yellowish. 

But do not overdo it with makeup: “Do not completely cover the circles under the eyes,” the stylist-make-up artist Denis Gorbunov is sure. “Otherwise, the eyes seem smaller.”

Still, a slight haze around the eyes gives a look to the languor and visually increases them. But only light – serious bruises suggest the painfulness of their carriers, and nowadays, not as a century ago, physical fragility is not in high esteem.

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