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Symptoms of thrush can hide other diseases, and self-treatment is fraught with a relapse. A delicate female illness called “thrush” has long gone beyond a confidential conversation with a personal doctor.

They talk about it calmly and do not hesitate to advertise drugs for treatment on TV.The thing is in its prevalence: it is believed that over a lifetime with symptoms of the disease, more than half of women face.

In the meantime, the scale of the problem does not decrease, there is a stormy discussion of the nuances of the current and treatment of this scourge.

Myth one: if there are curdled “precipitations” on the linen, burning sensation is felt and itching is a thrush.

Every woman knows: unbearable itching, burning, abundant cheesy discharge with a characteristic sour smell signals a malfunction. If you have started to multiply actively fungus Candida, the main culprit of a malaise, you will find these symptoms. But the reverse is not always true: the presence of the described symptoms does not mean that you have thrush, and not something else.

“The same clinical manifestations can give other inflammatory and non-inflammatory conditions of the vagina. Itching, burning and heavy discharge can be both with thrush, and, for example, with bacterial vaginosis, with trichomoniasis and even with viral infections. At the same time, the “clinic” can be completely the same, “- warns Natalia Makhotina, gynecologist, head of the reproductive health department of the Center for New Medical Technologies in Akademgorodok.

As the doctor-gynecologist of the Road Clinical Hospital Larisa Nechaeva told, almost half of the women who come to the reception with characteristic symptoms and a complaint “I have a thrush” are carriers of very different diseases. 

Therefore, it is more useful to see a doctor than to complain to a friend once again with a detailed description of the symptoms.

Myth two: if a woman has a thrush, you need to treat a partner.

The condition of women who experience the “joys” of exacerbation of the disease with an enviable regularity can be understood. Therefore, advice is not always advisable: it is necessary to treat with the same partner drug, because it can repeatedly infect a woman, without knowing it. Natalia Makhotina recommends not to rush: “Being a carrier of mushrooms for men is not characteristic for their state of flora, thrush – this is primarily a problem for women, which means that you need to treat it,” says the doctor. – A man needs to be treated only with his complaints, and not in absentia, but only after examination with a male andrologist. ”

With constant relapses, it is really necessary to check both – and carefully: there are a lot of cases when a thrush is treated, passing a deep-seated infection, which causes candida development. Therefore, if you have one partner, and there are too many thrush, exclude the presence of other infectious diseases, and do not treat it from a fungus, which, perhaps, he did not have.

Myth three: you can buy a pill yourself and do not go to every doctor with every exacerbation.

Indeed, if candida is found in the smear, doctors most often recommend modern preparations based on fluconazole (preparations “Diflucan”, “Flucostat”, “Mycosyst”, “Diflazon” and others). Women learn about “the most effective pill that heals at a time,” and actively recommend it to friends. But doctors say: despite the fact that the drugs are effective and modern, self-treatment is fraught.

“With repeated use of the same antifungal drugs, insensitivity to fungal flora is developed, which leads to ineffective treatment,” warns Natalya Makhotina. Larisa Nechaeva supplements: taking a pill can completely take off the symptoms, but often – for a short while. As a result, relapse occurs every month, in parallel, insensitivity to the drug develops, side effects accumulate and the overall picture of the disease is smeared. Therefore, doctors note: with repeated exacerbations of thrush, it is necessary to make bapsodes on the flora with the definition of sensitivity to the drug.

Myth Four: with the thrush, the most important thing is to restore the microflora, so it is useful to make tampons from kefir and liquid lactobacillus, bought at the pharmacy.

The statement is essentially correct. Candida freely feel when the balance of microorganisms living in the vagina is disturbed. Therefore, advice is often needed to help the native microflora with special candles, tampons containing lactobacilli. Those who want to save, replace them with kefir.

Doctors consider this method ineffective, and point to an important point. “Local treatment with drugs containing bacteria is possible only when thrush is completely suppressed. Otherwise, there will be an exacerbation, kefir gives yeast, the course of the disease worsens, “explains Natalya Makhotina. It is important to remember: it is possible and necessary to restore the microflora, but only when the riot of mushrooms subsides.

Myth Five: modern pharmacy products, foams and sprays help prevent the disease.

The abundance of preparations for intimate hygiene and irrigation of mucosa of tender places (which are also quite expensive) allows many to think that this is a real alternative to medicines. As a result, women invest a lot of money in hygiene products and expect a miracle from them. In fact, the answer to this question is ambiguous. On the one hand, gynecologists still disaccustom women to wash themselves with soap.

“Alkaline soap dries the mucous, makes it more vulnerable,” says Natalya Makhotina. So if you switch to special products without soap, microtraumas and stress for the mucosa will not be. On the other hand, do not exaggerate the value of such funds. “Prevention of foam can not be done, it’s hygiene, no more and no less than that,” Larisa Nechaeva sums up, recommending addressing eternal values: a healthy lifestyle

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