July 17, 2024

Did you know Amazon has some amazing underwear on offer?

For starters, every shop differs in size. While you might bea B in one shop, you’ll be a D elsewhere. You can be certain that medium knickers fit you like a glove, and then you can’t get them past your thighs.

Even when you’ve been fitted, those measurements are often specific to that individual store, leaving you looking far and wide for the perfect pair of undies. Exhausting, right?
Buying underwear is on par with jeans: it is an absolute nightmare.

Despite being hidden from the world, we all need it, we all want to feel good in it, and yet shopping for it remains an impossible task. Quite literally, it gets your knickers in a twist.

It can also be an expensive business. We’re firm believers in quality lingerie that offers longevity and optimum comfort but that regularly comes with a certain price tag.

That’s until Amazon changed the game. Stocking many of your favourite retailers including Calvin Klein, Wonderbra and Tommy Hilfiger (yes, really! ), and lesser known brands such as Playtex and Pour Moi, Amazon is swiftly becoming a hotspot for underwear shopping due to its variety of products all housed under one roof. The e-commerce platform even has their own range of very stylish underwear at affordable prices so you needn’t dish out half your salary.

So, what should you snap up? For the smaller chested among us, you can’t go wrong with Calvin Klein’s cotton-bralette sports bra. Offering both comfort and style, there’s a reason Calvin Klein has remained a go-to destination for quality underwear. For a more glamorous silhouette, try Triumph’s elegant non-padded wired bra. Despite being unwired, Amazon reviewers have credited this highly rated bra for its “stretchy and supportive cup”. It will look great teamed with Amazon Essentials lace stretch thong.

If you have a bigger bust, Wonderbra’s everyday bra will be a failsafe wardrobe staple. Its exquisite lace detailing will leave you feeling feminine and sexy, and it will look great worn under anything in your wardrobe. Complete your look with Triumph’s black lacy briefs for a feminine finish.

Here is the most game changing underwear to snap up from Amazon.

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