June 24, 2024

Chopsticks from an orange tree and melted paraffin will transform your nails

Modern manicure originated in France in the first half of the XIX century, when King Louis Philippe tweezers removed the burr. The doctor, who committed that successful manipulation, was instructed to continue to monitor the hands of the king.

By the 20th century, hand care was already an important commercial industry, manicure sets were sold in pharmacies.

At the beginning of the XXI century there are many types of manicure. What manicure to choose, how much it will cost and whether it is possible to do it at home, the correspondent of SE found out.

Classical edging manicure

The most popular type of manicure in Russia. Suitable for hands with rough skin and a lot of burrs. But it is not recommended for hands with closely related vessels.
Price:from 130 (in an ordinary hairdresser’s) to 430 rubles (“Leleya”). The cost depends on the constituents of the solution for maceration (softening of the skin).
Time of the procedure:about 30 minutes
Duration of the effect:on average 14 days

In the salon:Dry nails filed and give them the desired shape. Then the brushes are placed in soap, saline, or in a special solution for “maceration” – softening the cuticle and skin around the nails. Swollen peel removed with tweezers.
At home:If you have the skill, accuracy and with the help of a full-fledged manicure kit – 700-1000 rubles (Yes, Mertz, Dewal, Zinger) is easily done at home. Minus self-care – it is easy to injure the skin and infect the wound through the wound (in the salons, the tweezers are sterilized).

Hot manicure

Suitable for nails in neglected condition, bitten, fragile and puffed, with a damaged cuticle.
Price:hot bath with lotion (in Novosibirsk, most often done with melted paraffin) – from 200 to 250 rubles (without the cost of manicure).

Treatment time:20 minutes + 30 minutes for manicure.

In the salon: themaster uses a heated bath with a special creamy lotion containing a vitamin complex to soften the cuticle and strengthen the nails, or with a melted paraffin that softens the skin.
At home:it is recommended to do only in the salon.

European shameless

Approaches holders of soft skin, it is recommended to young girls who did not accustom the skin to a trimmed manicure. To do the European manicure it is necessary often, at the initial stage – 2 times a week. Some people do not like the look of the nails; Cuticle does not disappear at all, but only decreases.
Price:from 130 to 500 rubles.
Procedure time:about 30 minutes.
Effect Duration:maximum 7 days.

In the salon:A special preparation with dairy and fruit acids is applied to the cuticle, after a few minutes the skin is moved away with a stick from an orange tree. After drying, the skin lags behind the nail plate (prevention of burrs) and curls, decreasing. Often, during the first session, you need to use tweezers to remove the already existing burrs – this is a combined manicure, it costs as much as a conventional edging.
At home:The procedure is easy to do at home: a cuticle remedy, for example Sally Hansen (150 rubles), a set of rods – 20 rubles, can be purchased at a pharmacy or in cosmetics stores. The procedure is safe – there is no chance of cutting.


Suitable for those who want to enjoy the procedure. However, the emphasis is on the skin of the hands, the effect is rather cosmetic than hygienic-preventive.
Price:from 350 to 500 rubles (without cuticle treatment).
Time of treatment:at least 2 hours.
Duration of the effect:about 14 days

In the salon:The exact scheme of the spa-manicure is not present: in each salon the masters themselves select an individual program for the client. Spa treatment includes a set of measures: peeling of nails and skin, “sealing” – i. e.rubbing in a nail with a file of mineral substances and vitamin cocktails, salt baths, hand massage to the elbow and many other pleasant and useful procedures. Cuticle treatment – edged or combined – are carried out separately.
At home:By purchasing professional medications, you can relax at home.

In past centuries, only the nobility could look after the hands. Today manicure is a pleasure, accessible to everyone – even young people of 12-13 years old can visit a master or independently bring their nails in order. And girls and ladies can only choose what kind of manicure suits them, and encourage men to revive a pleasant tradition – to kiss a gentle well-groomed pen.

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