July 24, 2024

Naughty hair does not happen

Autumn is replaced in winter. Paints fade. The mood worsens. What does a woman do to raise her spirits? Correctly – goes to the hairdresser. She follows the beauty, full of a range of feelings and emotions: from an agitated longing to a fear – and suddenly what’s wrong?

How to walk to the hairdresser, what to keep in mind and what trends are leading today, the correspondent of SE asked to comment on the leading hairdresser of the salon Camille Albane Olga Kislitsina.

Many women do not know, or rather, do not even know what they want to get. How to ease the pain of choice, do special magazines help?

The first thing that I demand from my clients, even regular ones is to sit down and look through the magazine with fashionable hairstyles. Fashion trends are given in the first place to look for themselves, so they change so often. The hairdresser voices his vision, and the client compares it with his worldview. If there is a resonance, then work begins. Here it is important not to miss the moment: if you feel the slightest discomfort, do not work with this master – you can directly say about it.

We are often confused with psychotherapists. It’s one thing when a person has a certain search: he knows what he wants to receive in sensations, but there is no whole picture. Another is when an internal war is in the soul. Such a client will always be dissatisfied.

Naughty hair does not happen

The work of the master is the harmonization of the appearance with the internal mood. Rarely can anyone tell exactly what length of hair and color they want – it’s not scary. You need to go to the hairdresser with a feeling. And not with the indication “I want as a neighbor. ”And to relax, although it is very difficult in our post-Soviet space, when the word “obkonat” has not yet come out of the lexicon.

Are there any laws for choosing a hairstyle: what will the client do, and what exactly is not?

At one time there was a clear theory on the color types and the shape of the face: that goes square, it does not decorate the round. Today it is proved that there are practically no pure forms, therefore there can not be single councils. Of course, the ideal oval shape and chiseled features. But these cases are unique, mostly mixed features, and any hairstyle can be developed successfully for a particular woman. Here is an example: before the round-faced people were recommended to hide the volume and adjust the cheekbones with strings in the face. In reality, many women remove hair from their faces. So today it is solved in another way: the volume of hair behind. In general, the face is corrected in many ways, and the color gamut plays an important role.

What else is included in the choice?

Constitution, for example. Full women, as a rule, do not go short haircuts – it looks disproportionate: a large body and a small head. However, like long hair without clearance.

Some hair shows, for example, painting. Women suffer with oily scalp: hair is quickly soiled and unpleasantly smelling, which is aggravated by the rhythm of life and bad ecology. Melating and staining make the hair a bit drier and take away the smell. The problem is really solved.

Often there is a problem of fine hair. For such hair, we do not recommend growing a length. The best option is to cut the square. The average length goes to all. That is why the square is the most popular trend: it gives the volume along the contour, which is the most important today.

In autumn all women are tormented by the problem of hair and hats. Is there any way to resolve this dissonance of weather and beauty?

Remove the cap and buy a car. Of course, this is a joke. But seriously, this problem echoes with the above: the Slavic peoples are almost always thin hair. With the onset of autumn, when we put on hats, there is one problem: the hair does not hold the volume. The daily war does not lead to success: in half an hour the result of the spent efforts tends to zero. In this case, you do not need to focus on volume.

If the hair is thin and long – one day you can walk with a clean head, and on the second, if you are tired or do not want to wash again, add accessories, beautifully podkolot them. Not for nothing that today appeared a lot of rims, bandanas and bandages of different styles – they can and should be used. Always save the creative beam and the effect of light disorder. Do not get hung up on the volume when it is impossible.

What are women most often complaining about, what are the most common hair problems? Are there really “hard” hair that can not be laid?

Some complain about thin straight hair. Others hate their curls. Although curly hair is the most fertile: they keep shape, volume, and get along well with hairpins. If the straight-haired are curled in pursuit of the preservation of the form, curly pull them from day to day.

Often you can hear a complaint that the hair, they say, unruly, hard. Or too smooth and heavy, and nothing can be done with them. My opinion is like a hairdresser: there are no such problems and there are no hair that would not succumb to styling and good haircut. Often women are just lazy.

In general, 95 percent of the clients, whose hair I consider ideal, are also unhappy with them.

What about the color? Is there a tendency for blondes to repaint themselves in the dark, and to keep the rest of the natural color as possible?

A change of color, even radical, if it reflects changes in attitude, is very good. A person changes – his appearance changes. When blondes come to be painted in black – this is a special situation. As a rule, in a few days they ask to return everything back.

Yet the blonde is a special character and even a diagnosis. They are very interesting to watch, they are very emotional.

Naughty hair does not happen

The tendency to emphasize and preserve the natural color really is. This does not mean that you can, by proclaiming the slogan “What is natural – it’s not ugly”, relax. Well-groomed, healthy and shiny today is more important than fashionable shades. This requires effort: a quality care and color tone to tone to give the hair a shine and shine.

Are there haircuts and colors that can not be worn under any circumstances? And on the contrary, which trends dominate?

Unfashionable today that does not correspond to your way of life. For example, hairpins and fringe springboard are completely out of place in the office. However, we all know examples when such things look very organic and there is no feeling of dissonance. This is the main rule: if the hairstyle corresponds to the attitude of the world, it will never be unfashionable.

The main trends today are well-groomed smooth hair of a rich hue with an emphasis on mass. The main haircut today is square.

Effects: highlighting – not stamped stripes, but the natural effect of burnt hair. This gives a gradation of color and emphasizes facial features.

Trends in color are: brunettes – a little gothic, dark, black-brown, gray-black tones. Deep shades for the brown-haired woman – a saturated cold “chocolate” with allusions to glare. All shades of red, except, perhaps, red-red. They are always fashionable, because the women who go with this color do not usually go dark trendy colors. Blondes – this is for a long time. This is an image that sells well. Today in the fashion are not ashy shades, and gold, with cold highlights. The bangs are massive, slightly shorter. And necessarily a clear contour: either a clearly defined bangs, or a line of hair – something must be massive.

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