April 24, 2024

Bambi Does Beauty reveals her ‘can’t be without’ holy grail beauty and wellness products

My most used and loved beauty products weren’t love at first sight. It wasn’t the spenny serum that had been stewing in “add to cart” for months, or the hair mask on my pay day wish list or even the inspo being hoarded in my Instagram saved list.

It’s those “oooohhh” moments when a product takes you by surprise, until all of a sudden it’s being packed into every over night bag, or you’re making sure everyone knows of it’s wonders – like you’ve stumbled across something special.

These are the products that make this industry interesting for me, and they are the hidden gems I’m going to reveal with you right now…


Aquis – Rapid Dry Hair Wrap

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll be all too aware I live in a hair turban and a robe, I even remember when one follower replied to my story saying “I think this is the first time I’ve seen you outside” Awks! If like me, you love a self care routine and milling around the house in a hair towel – meet Aquis.

Their hair wraps come everywhere with me, lightweight and takes up the TINIEST space in a suitcase – but makes a world of difference to my routine. It dries hair so much quicker than a regular towel, keeps hair compact and isn’t as heavy on the head (you’ll forget you’re wearing it) the moment I realised how great this was, was when I took it off and it was drenched – it really does soak up all the water, and anything that saves me time drying my hair – I’m all in! Ps they’ve just launched a copper colour which is the most beautiful hue, chic and functional!

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Tan Luxe – Super Glow Night Repair

Although in no way a hidden gem, this brand has dominated the Instagram beauty market for years – but one component to it that I (and any fake tanning OG) would be a bit dubious about was the lack of guide colour.

I’m a messy person, very clumsy and not very co-ordinated, guide colour was my friend, it never failed me. It was actually the most recent Tan Luxe launch, their Super Glow Night Repair which is a two component face tanner, one being a gradual tan serum and the other a nourishing oil – which hit the mark for me.

The emphasis on ‘gradual’, you don’t wake up full of regrets a la a night out on Clapham high street, it’s more a sun kissed awakening for the complexion. I’m always careful of the eyebrows, hairline and nose (as that’s where I get most congested) but all in all this makes for effortless application and a seamless result.


Dove – Baby Rich Moisture Lotion

Now hear me out on this, baby products are the hidden gems of beauty aisles! Fragrance free, guaranteed to nourish skin and well tolerated if you have skin conditions or concerns – oh and they’re always pretty affordable too.

I get sent a lot of fancy schmancy lotions but the one I actually buy myself and reach for on the daily? It’s Dove’s Baby Rich Moisture Lotion. It sinks it quick, is lightweight but also manages to feel incredibly hydrating. Oh and if you struggle with sensitivity to SPFs, check out the baby and kids section – sunscreen for babies will be formulated with their delicate skin in mind – so no stinging around the eyes or skin reactions!


Mela Comfort – Eucalyptus Silk Sheet Set

I was always a cotton bedding kind of gal, my impression of silk sheets up until recently was that they looked tacky, felt too slippery and weren’t comforting enough – that was until I tried Mela Comfort.

A world away from shiny garish silk, their Eucalyptus Silk Set is the SOFTEST bedding I’ve ever owned. I’d just bought myself two full sets of cotton bedding prior to receiving Mela Comfort – and I have refused to use the cotton bedding as a spare – I have to wash and dry my Mela set within the day! Now I’ve hit my thirties, bedding is priority and I’m just so so glad to have discovered Mela Comfort!


I’ve never been one for a faff. I find lengthy hair routines tiresome and the intricacies of hair styling have never been of interest to me. Then the Colour Wow Volumizer Mousse landed on my doorstep, and with a new cut recently that calls out for volume, I thought I should give it a try.

Now I realise why hair mousses are so popular, they enable the styling results you are after – without effort! A few pumps into damp hair (I focus on the roots) and let the blow drying do the rest. It gives hair not only volume, but grip that allows for easier styling that actually lasts. In my quest for voluminous hair I was even considering hair spray, but this mousse delivers structure and hold to hair without the dreaded crunch!

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