April 13, 2024

These hairstyle ideas are perfect for anyone with short, fine hair

However, a few months after the initial chop and you’ll no doubt be feeling the need to switch it up a bit. Only, you’ve made the job of DIY styling even trickier by giving yourself less hair to work with.

There’s no chance of achieving atop knotand this season’s hottest hairstyle,bubble braids, is next to impossible with short hair.

Fine hair can be rather tricky to style. If you use much product, it becomes instantly greasy and impossibly tangled, but if you use too little, the hair is slippery and will lose its shape in seconds.

Luckily, this summer was the season of the bob hair cut, which was a godsend for those with fine hair. Tactical layers and clever cutting techniques gave rise to styles such as the paper cut bob, to the A-line biob, to the textured bob, all of which provided an easy way to keep hair on trend without having to style it very much at home (the best bobs are styled at the cutting stage, meaning styling and maintenance is minimal).

Luckily, all is not lost. Far from it, actually, thanks to a number of clever styling hacks and helpful hair accessories that promise to deliver seriously covetable and on trend styles that promise to stay in place all day long, even on the shortest and finest of hair.

From dainty knots to create a long-wearing half-up do, to volume-boosting headbands and blow-dry techniques that will add texture and movement, here are our very favourite hairstyles perfect for short, fine hair that are easy to recreate at home…

‘Bubble braid pigtails’ are the latest viral hair trend, so here’s how you can try this ultra-cute look yourself

Bubble braids have dominated red carpets across the globe this year, with GLAMOUR’s (unofficial) ‘Special Bubble Braid Recognition Award’ going to Griff – whose exorbitant, spherical bubble braids at this year’s Brit Awards had us all frantically googling how to achieve the look ourselves.

And guess what? The hair trend of 2021 just got an exciting new twist, courtesy of the beauty gang over on TikTok (we love you, guys). Yep, when they’re not persuading us to put hyaluronic acid in our hair (really), or teaching us how to upgrade our ponytails, they’re giving celebrity stylists a run for their money by coming up with fresh, new looks every day. The latest trend to catch our eye? Bubble braid pigtails.

Liv Duke (@xlivl0uise) took to TikTok to explain how to achieve the look. Essentially, she breaks it down into the following steps:

Part your hair: Using a sectioning comb, separate your hair into a centre parting, allowing two slim sections of hair to frame your face. Next separate the larger chunk of hair you want to braid and fix it tightly towards the back of your head.

Braid: Then she braids the pigtail into a classic plait, fixing it with a hair band at the bottom, leaving a few inches unbraided for a more effortless look.

Gel back your baby hairs: Next, Liv uses a spoolie to slick back her baby hairs using Schwarzkopf got2b Spiking Glue Ultra Glued for Edges.

Next up Lauren Wolfe (@laurenwolfe), demonstrates how to incorporate the bubble trend into the pigtails. In her TikTok, she swaps traditional braiding for bubble braids, tying small hair bands equally distanced up the pigtail. She then creates the bubble effect by gently spreading the hair between the bands to create more volume.

While bubble braid pigtails work especially well on long hair (and hair extensions), we think it would also look striking on short-to-mid-length hair, as there’s the potential for more volume in the bubbles. So rest assured – whatever your length – you can’t go wrong with bubble braid pigtails.

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