Valentino Beauty’s new fragrance smells just like Lady Gaga

To kick off the duo’s blossoming love story, Valentino Beauty is launching a brand-new fragrance that embodies all the characteristics it shares with Gaga.

Voce Viva, created by perfumers Honorine Blanc and Amandine Clerc Marie, combines floral, woody, fresh, and sweet elements to create an all-encompassing scent.

It’s impossible to reduce Lady Gaga down to just one title or thing. You might know her primarily as a singer/songwriter, but she’s also an actress, a brand founder, a philanthropist, and the list goes on. Her evolution will only continue as she announces yet another impressive accolade this month: Lady Gaga is now the face of Valentino Beauty fragrances. In the eyes of the brand, the pairing couldn’t be more perfect. They’re both memorable, bold, and Italian as they come.

“Lady Gaga has always spoken up for celebrating differences and creating a world where everyone has a voice,” Valentino Beauty stated in a press release. “Her deep respect for everyone’s individuality and for each to own their place in our world speaks to Valentino Beauty’s ethos to make every day a self-celebration.”

When your first smell it, you get hit with a powerful dose of bergamot, orange blossom, and gardenia – but those later give way to softer vanilla, sandalwood, and moss notes. In other words, it’s kind of like the chameleon of fragrances.

This gold-coloured liquid comes inside a super edgy and stylish bottle, as Valentino fragrances often do. The transparent, square-shaped Voce Viva bottle, of course, features plenty of red accents and the designer’s signature studs across the cap. As a whole, it’s a multi-faceted personality inside a strikingly unique package – just like Gaga herself.

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