June 21, 2024

Anthropologie’s Bethan Gray Collection Is Making Scallops and Zigzags the New “It” Shapes

First, it was circles. Then it was triangles. Now, Anthropologie’s new collection with award-winning London designer Bethan Gray has us thinking scallops and zigzags are going to be the shapes everyone’s talking about.

The 14-piece line is covered in those two motifs – think gold lightning bolts on cabinets and chairs with hilly backs – and you can shop it all starting tonight.

Zigzags are giving us all the feelings on the bases of these side tables. SHOP NOW: Sculptural side table, $498

Buy chairs with scalloped backs that look like seashells, feel like your on vacation 24/7. . . or at least any time you sit in them. SHOP NOW: Feather velvet dining chair, $698

These scalloped edges, on the other hand, look like flower petals, right? SHOP NOW: 5′ Feather rug, $598 (also available in 8′)

Believe it or not, Bethan didn’t have these or any shapes in mind when she designed the collection. They were born out of the natural landscapes she saw on her travels. “The scallop shape is an abstraction of the feather motif that appears across the collection, inspired by the role that feathers play in cultures all over the world, from Pakistan and Polynesia to the Prince of Wales’s heraldic badge, and the zigzag design was abstracted from the veins and natural markings in marble and stone,” she explains. No wonder there’s nothing cold or uninviting about these geometric forms.

Stop staring at the gold interior of this guy and check out that suuuper subtle zigzagging. SHOP NOW: File organizer, $38

When zigzags look like shiny lightning bolts ? . SHOP NOW: Strike buffet, $2,298

As for our prediction about scallops and zigzags being the next “it” shapes, Bethan seems onboard. “Graphic patterns are a great way to tell stories in design and craft,” she says, “so I can only see them becoming more and more popular. ”

OK, so these catchalls are neither scalloped nor zigzaggy, but they were too cute not to include. SHOP NOW: Desk set, $58

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