An old ashtray

According to statistics from different countries, about 60% of men and 20% of women on the planet smoke. While the harm from smoking is proven long ago and is known to everyone. Why are they doing that?

And if you consider that most smokers are confident that they will soon give up this smoky business, what makes you postpone another painful “throw” on Monday? “There is nothing easier than quitting smoking, I’ve already given up a hundred times,” – excused Mark Twain.

Why is it possible for a few people out of the mass of those who want to forget about tobacco, the correspondent of SE learned.

To quit smoking, you need to give up not from cigarettes, but from negative thinking

If men start smoking practice with the desire to be an adult, to prove their worth (why the cigarette in adolescents is associated with maturity – the question to parents), then the girls smoking is primarily associated with coquetry, with the desire to attract the attention of the guys, especially those , that is older.

Some of the smoking from the first puffs delight, the other a few times nauseous, but the desire to “be like everyone” defeats the resistance of the body, and now the man is reaching for the cigarette: first to the public, saying that he was nervous – it’s time to smoke, then seriously – any stress, even the smallest excitement – associated, for example, with a heart-wrenching song, encourages to drag out. “The reasons why a person comes out with a cigarette in a smoking room are emotional,” agrees Pavel Staroschuk, a drug specialist at the Insight Clinic.

Are you sure you want this?

Real understanding that smoking harms health can not come in twenty years – when you are full of strength and blush, you will not believe that in life there are shortness of breath, bad teeth and lung cancer or lips. But when the first illnesses appear that are not even associated with a habit, when the first thousand rubles for pills go away, you begin to appreciate your health. As a twenty-year-old he is proud to have not slept several nights in a row, and a thirty-year-old boasts that he managed to lie down at ten, and smoking, which at a young age seemed to be what is very important to be able and to have, eventually becomes what is not needed. But then it turns out that getting rid of the pranks is difficult – sucked. “You can talk about dependence when you want to stop and you can not,” explains narcologist Pavel Staroschuk. – But the fact is,

In general, according to the doctor-expert in narcology, all dependencies are incurable, as well as, for example, the incurable ability to swim. 

So when people talk about stopping smoking, it’s not about a complete recovery, but about a remission that should be prolonged, preferably for life. “Chemical dependence on nicotine is not the main problem in quitting smoking,” writes Allen Carr in his legendary book, “An Easy Way to Quit Smoking.” “It’s easy to deal with.” The main problem is the erroneous belief that cigarettes bring you pleasure. ”

Indeed, at the physiological level, nicotine is excreted from the body for several days, but people can return to smoking in a year. “It’s not that most people need tobacco in a cigarette, but that they have a lot of psychological problems,” explains Pavel Staroshchuk. “Problems come from childhood, they are on the unconscious level in a stressful environment cause great excitement, and from stress, many people have a good tool – a ritualist with smoke.”

And suddenly a man blocks his way into the smoking room, but he does not get better – the stress comes back, only now he is left alone with them, and before that he had a chain mail – a cigarette.

Time to give up a nipple

If you just quit smoking cigarettes, not being ready morally, – a return to smoking is almost 100% guaranteed. The first time you get to stop smoking only those who have a good psyche without the pitfalls, but most people, according to experts, refuse from tobacco only with the fifth, and even with the fifteenth attempt. To throw it is necessary to come consciously, to accustom yourself to the idea that although smoking is delicious, the smoke pleasantly tickles the throat, but it’s time to abandon it.

“As from a nipple in childhood – it’s nice, but it’s time to quit,” – the example of a narcologist is an example. That’s only to throw it is necessary first not a cigarette, but a habitual attitude to life. “You can try to change the perspective of thinking, because most of the time we think negatively, and this causes a depressive mood,” says Pavel Staroschuk.

Proteziruem life

To the process of throwing was not painful, you need to place everywhere “prosthesis”, so as not to torment yourself, throwing a favorite thing, and grooming and cherishing, in every possible way supporting.

Inability to cope with stress. As we have already said, one must change consciousness and deal with child traumas. It is not always easy to do this – why not take a hike to a therapist?

Fear of gaining weight. The fact is that all dependencies are derived from one root, all of which are a way of drowning out internal problems. And if you cancel smoking, the forefront is another easy way to distract – food. “Smoking causes some atrophy of the walls of the stomach, and sometimes smokers need a special diet, but in 95% of weight gain after quitting smoking is a substitute for habit,” says Elena Nikolaeva, nutritionist at the Sante Estetic Center for Beauty and Health. – The person replaces the periods of smoking with periods of food intake. To avoid the problem, it is necessary to make meals fractional, not three, but five times a day, so that you can chew something more often. And it is even better to replace food with liquid – for example, herbal tea with a stimulating or soothing effect. ”

Refusal to communicate with the usual company and alcohol.“Avoiding the company of smokers is wrong – this is another negative to refusal, people start to feel that they are falling out of society,” warns narcologist Pavel Staroschuk. – It is more correct after a period of physical withdrawal to continue to communicate with people who are familiar. And to position yourself as a person who has overcome the stage that other smokers are still ahead of. ” This includes alcohol – you need to wait a period of breaking and then, if the throw goes consciously, to control yourself in situations with alcohol intake that can provoke a depressive state.

Busy yourself with nothing.One must learn to be alone with oneself, learn to talk to oneself and not fill with empty cigarettes. “Often people smoke from boredom – there is simply nothing to do,” says the narcologist. “But it’s worth it for a person to get carried away, he forgets about smoking.” Nowhere to put your hands – knit, tear a branch of lilac, stroke the cat – “prosthesis” in the beautiful surrounding world.

And it is important to remember that if there is no internal desire to quit smoking – nothing you can not do. Only if consciousness completely switches to something more worthy than evasion from problems, and ceases to perceive everything in black, smoking as a consequence and the secondary factor will go away on its own. Warnings of the Ministry of Health do not work, do not frighten, but press, causing a desire to do something to spite. But the realization that smoking shows dislike for yourself, can make a big impression on you: “Love yourself and stop smoking,” – calls on Allen Carr. After all, if you do not know how to love your own person, you will never learn to love others.

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