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Art restoration and veneers will help make your smile irresistible

“My God, how perfect this dress is on you!”. In response, you can proudly smile – of course, because you spent a lot of time trying to fit and fit the figure. And, of course, it’s doubly more pleasant to smile when you know that your smile is also worthy of a compliment.

Today every woman can become the owner of a beautiful smile, just want!With the help of modern technologies, doctors create miracles: they recreate the destroyed teeth, correct their shape, tilt, color, restore the worn edge, eliminate the chatter between the teeth – whatever your heart desires.

Such dentistry is called “aesthetic” and is present in the arsenal of many clinics of our city. But in fact it would be desirable, that the new smile ideally suited you, that completely satisfied you.

Yes, there is such an exclusive in Novosibirsk, a kind of dental couture. In the network of clinics “Dental-Service”. Two aesthetic procedures – artistic restoration and veneers – are performed with “fitting”, the essence of which is as follows. During the first visit, the doctor does “fitting restorations”, and you can not only see your future smile, but also actively participate in its creation! Completely predict the final result of the work at the consultation stage – this is possible only in clinics “Dental-Service”.

So, what is it – art restoration and veneers? Let’s understand together!

Art Restoration

This method can correct almost any aesthetic flaw: color, outlines of the tooth, chips. In some cases it is enough to slightly change the shape of the incisors, and the smile will become more attractive. In art restoration, a huge role is played by both the professionalism of the doctor and the possibilities of modern restoration materials.

Experts of the network of clinics “Dental-Service” give preference to the material Enamel Plus (Italy). This heliocomposite of the latest generation has a huge color palette – you can always get the result you need! And thanks to the “chameleon effect”, your new smile will look natural both in bright sunlight and in the “acidic” lighting of a nightclub.

Predictability of the result

Dental-Service uses the technique of the famous Italian dentist Lorenzo Vanini. First, from a simple filling material, a new shape of the teeth is created, and you can estimate how much it corresponds to your ideas about the ideal. Make adjustments and model a smile! And when you make sure that this is exactly what you were dreaming of, the work begins: the template is made on the received form and the Enamel Plus material is laminated layer by layer.

Art restoration lasts about two hours. By the way, it’s quite a pleasant procedure: lie in a chair and relax, and your smile becomes prettier just before your eyes. Usually a re-appointment is scheduled in a week, to make a small correction and finally make sure that the smile is perfect!


In translation from English, veneer means “facing, outer gloss”. What are they for – these cladding? In some situations, art restoration is not enough, and then veneers come to the rescue. These are the finest ceramic plates that are attached to the front surface of the teeth. They do not lose color and shine, characteristic for enamel of healthy teeth, are not subject to abrasion, and their service life is more than 10 years.

Know-how for a beautiful smile

With a traditional method of manufacturing veneers, the patient is not a full-fledged “creator” of his own smile, so sometimes the final result does not meet his expectations. The new exclusive technology – the know-how of the famous specialist in the field of aesthetic medicine Dr. Gurel – will allow you to actively influence the result of the work and make it absolutely predictable. You can see your future smile even before the dentist’s instrument touches your teeth!

At the consultation, the doctor with the help of filling material makes “fitting veneers” – simulates the shape of future teeth in accordance with your wishes. Then he makes a template.

At the second reception, the template is adjusted and adjusted, and the model of the future veneers is sent to the laboratory. Veneers made using this technique will fully meet your expectations. Hiding all that did not please, veneers allow you to feel more confident, younger, more attractive. Often they change not only the smile of a person, but also his whole life!

Happy people smile more often than others. With the exclusive aesthetic dentistry “Dental-Service” you will get an impeccable smile and an occasion to share it with others. Maybe this is enough for complete happiness?

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