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Experts pointed out five reasons for refusing a strong sunburn. Sunburn came into fashion in the 20s of last century. The main reason for its popularity was snobbery and boasting of prosperity: it is impossible to sunbathe in the middle latitudes in the winter, and only the chosen ones had the time and means to move closer to the sun and to get a visible proof of their success – sunburn.

Since the middle of the last century all the beaches are strewn with practically naked bodies, mercilessly smotting under the burning sun rays. Now we are reaping the fruits of years of uncontrolled sunburn.

How serious are the reasons to refuse it and whether it is so beautiful and fashionable, as many people think, learned the correspondent of SE.

The survey on SHE showed that approximately the same number of people are going to sunbathe on Novosibirsk beaches this summer and will go to the southern seas.

However, as many respondents refused to tan in general. Perhaps, their number will increase if we consider the reasons for a balanced look at the sun that is scarce in our parts.

These are not crabs

Overtaking lung cancer, according to Novosibirskstat, skin cancer ranked first (15%) among all cancer diseases. The situation in the world is similar: melanoma – one of the types of skin cancer – the most aggressive and fast-flowing cancerous disease, is progressing year by year. Not without reason the doctors see the connection between the trips to the south that have become accessible to the inhabitants of the northern regions and the growth of skin oncology.

“An excessive amount of ultraviolet rays is the main cause of skin cancer, irrespective of whether ultraviolet light is obtained from the sun or from artificial sources (solarium or medical procedures),” warns Irina Sergeeva, a dermatologist in the Zdravica family medical center. “In the last decade, due to the popularity of tanning, there has been an increase in skin cancer and melanoma patients all over the world and in Novosibirsk as well.”

Skin exposure to the sun is inevitable, but it can be controlled. For those who have contraindications to sunburn in the sun or in the solarium, and this, according to Irina Sergeeva, people with pigmented lesions on the skin, special skin conditions in which, after exposure to the sun, it turns red and does not light up, those who take certain medicinal means (usually the fact of increasing sensitivity to ultraviolet is listed in the list of side effects), who have itchy rashes after exposure to the sun, – prolonged exposure to the exposed on the beach, in direct sunlight, even with the use of m sunscreen, comparable to slow suicide.

Add years?

It’s no secret and not a myth – tanning accelerates the aging of the skin. More precisely, not the tan itself, it is a protective reaction of the skin to a burn, and ultraviolet: the sun rays both alpha and beta are harmful. Although previously it was believed that only UVB had a negative effect, but now experts agreed that all kinds of rays in general cause trouble to the skin.

“Solar influence causes changes in the structure of the skin cells, pigment cells begin to be intensively divided,” explains cosmetologist Ekaterina Lebedko, Sante Aesthetik. – Protecting yourself from harmful influence, the skin thickens, builds up layers, becomes coarser. During the exposure to sunlight, the amount of free radicals increases, due to the violation of the hydrolipid shell, the skin becomes drained – all this accelerates the aging process. ”

In addition, even externally tanned skin begins to look older – wrinkles appear, pigment spots appear. Some of the salvation can be creams with SPF protection, now it is practically in all daytime funds. But especially not to rely on it – it is suitable only to protect the skin in normal conditions, in the city, when walking along the street. For the beach in our conditions, you need to use a cream with a factor of protection of at least 25, and without it you face the sun on a hot midday – then start with the force of the process of photoaging.

Solar vitamins

But how are the stories familiar from childhood that without the sun in the skin do not produce vitamin D, and the body without it will just wither? Irina Sergeeva, dermatovenerologist of the medical center “Zdravitsa”, is sure that it is not necessary to run for the necessary substance on the beach: “Yes, vitamin D appears in the skin in the presence of ultraviolet light, but for its development it is enough to stay in the fresh air for a light day (even in the winter), and there is no need to sunbathe all the skin. Lack of vitamin D, associated with a lack of sunlight, is found only in the elderly, who do not leave the apartments for months, and through the window glass the spectrum of ultraviolet, necessary for the synthesis of vitamin D, does not go away. ”

No longer on the wave

The peak of fashion for tan came in the seventies of the last century – then began to appear popular performers of African descent – for example, Boney M. At that time, even hair styles were made in Negro style – curls or pigtails. The next rise in fashion for tanning happened in the 90s, when the black supermodel shone, Naomi Campbell for example. “Now fashion is moving away from Africa towards Asia, that is, China and Japan,” says stylist-make-up artist Maria Lipatnikova.

“And people in these countries are not so dark.” Both in the West and in our country, naturalness has come into vogue long ago: a noble, healthy natural complexion, sometimes with golden flares on the forehead and cheekbones, places in which, in the usual setting, and not in the solarium, the sun’s rays can get on the skin. White hair and chocolate skin – a combination that was in the fashion of the beginning of the century – has long been no longer relevant.

About tastes do not argue

Taste – it’s a personal matter and to state unequivocally that this is beautiful, but it’s not – you can not. Anyway, there are those who consider very tanned faces extremely attractive. And again, tanning is still associated with some people’s prosperity – “let not leave, but I can afford the solarium.”

In addition, a tan is convenient for make-up. “A light tan veils skin imperfections,” says cosmetologist Ekaterina Lebedko. “But a golden shade is much easier and safer to get by using makeup.” In addition, some types of makeup, especially bright, look better on tanned skin. “It’s harder for a light skin to pick up a tone,” Maria Lipatnikova, the makeup artist, shares her observations. “Tanned faces are tinted easier, they look better with golden make-up.”

However, judging by the universal standards, it’s beautiful that is healthy, and with the current conversations about melanoma tanning – in a solarium or on the beach – the healing procedure is no longer called the language. In addition: “It is beautiful that it is harmonious, – Maria Lipatnikova sums up. – Harmonious is that it is natural. Swarthy girl of the Slavic type is not natural. ” Draw conclusions.

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