8 Signs, a Narcissist Is Trying, to Manipulate You, and What to Do About It

Some people can go to great lengths to get what they want. They might ignore other people’s feelings and think that their needs and desires should take priority over those of others.

They won’t mind telling a lie or two just to convince someone to do something they want. They have impressive manipulative skills and see themselves through rose-colored glasses.

Even though they are not always satisfied with themselves as a person, they do feel superior to others. They think the world revolves around them, and expect everyone to think the same way.

These people are known as narcissists, and in this article, we will tell you a few ways how to recognize them so that you can avoid being their victim.

8 Signs Someone Is Narcissist Who Is Trying to Manipulate You

8 Signs Someone Is Narcissist Who Is Trying to Manipulate You

1. This Person Could Be Unusually Charming

Always be careful when someone is giving you too many compliments or unnecessary gifts. One of the most obvious characteristics of narcissists is the charm. They use it to make their victims feel special before taking advantage of them.

2. Then, They Change

Once they see you like them, they start losing interest in the relationship. The next thing you know, they criticize you and make you feel bad about your actions and decisions. This is how they ruin your self-esteem.

3. They Lie

These people can lie pretty much about anything if that means they’ll get more attention, higher status, or another benefit. So, if you notice they give vague answers, or their stories don’t add up, they are probably lying just to get something from you.

4. They Gaslight

One of the most effective manipulative skills narcissists use is gaslighting. It’s when they convince you that you have said or did something you didn’t just to make you feel confused.

This, in turn, reduces your self-confidence and makes you vulnerable. In that way, they control you.

5. They Pretend They Are Sick or Hurt

5. They Pretend They Are Sick or Hurt

Narcissists are attention-seekers, so they can pretend they are hurt or sick just to give them special treatment. They can also pretend they are the victim just to make you feel bad and give them the attention they need.

6. They Use Third Parties

Sometimes, narcissists use third parties to keep their victim under control. They can lie that some co-worker was trying to flirt with them just to make their partner jealous. Seeing their partner in this condition makes them happy.

On the contrary, they can’t stand when their partner is satisfied so they like to keep them worried and insecure all the time.

7. They Turn Things Back on You

7. They Turn Things Back on You

If you start to argue about the narcissist’s bad behavior, they will quickly change the subject and start arguing about your supposed flaws. They will make you feel guilty and frustrated until you give up and they become the victim.

8. They Give the Silent Treatment

Narcissists don’t allow you to express your feelings and emotions, and that’s called emotional abuse. And, if you don’t do what they want, they might give you the silent treatment just to feel superior once again. They will continue the conversation when and how they want.

How to Handle Narcissists

Here are a few ways to manage your emotions when dealing with a manipulative narcissist:

  • Try to discover what prevents you from getting things done and recognize the source of your frustration. Then, be strong enough to make it stop.
  • Stay positive in front of narcissists as they take pleasure from seeing you hurt. When they see they can’t affect you, they will get tired of trying to manipulate you.
  • Don’t lose your own sense of purpose.
  • Tell the narcissist in your life how inappropriate their egocentric behavior is with a joke or smile.
  • Confront their abuse by speaking up for yourself without arguing or fighting. Do this in a clear and calm way to protect your emotional and mental wellbeing.
  • Don’t tell them sensitive information about yourself as they might use them against you in the future.
  • If you feel like you can’t handle them, get out of these the first chance you have.

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