July 18, 2024

Girlfriend thinks I’m a traitor

I asked about her boyfriend, how they’re doing in the relationship. Not sure how it’s all paraphrased and that added, but she told me that I told him hinted that she was a vile traitor. I even thought this was not to meddle in their personal life too was not going. How to restore a friendship?

Maria, 17 years old

Maybe from a friend you might know any details, relied on, asking the young man about their relationship. If the guy was a closer friend than your friend, he could interpret the question correctly. But in this situation he realized, it’s probably true: because of its proximity to his girlfriend, some things that are not known to him.

Sometimes we are surprisingly insensitive in relationships with loved ones, but the closeness and friendship allow you to correct the consequences of our invasions. Understand that the treatment of this question to the young man girlfriend contrary to what you would not want to interfere in someone else’s personal life. Of course, you can rectify the embarrassment, just directly again, talking with a friend. In the future, enter new rules being more careful with other people’s boundaries.

Подруга, считает меня предательницей

Maybe the girlfriend already had disagreements in the relationship, but it was easier to blame a disorder in a young man than to take their share of responsibility. I wouldn’t rely on the fact that this version will help you to restore the relationship. But to think of her with compassion and not blame yourself all the troubles will really help. Referring to the past happy sharing of experiences and find support to restore confidence and friendship.

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