7 Ways Strong People, Shut Narcissists Down

We all know that narcissists are capable of destroying your life without remorse. But, only if you allow them. Although recognizing them is not always easy, there are certain things about their personality that will give away their true intentions.

For example, they lack empathy, have an exaggerated sense of self-importance, expect to get special treatment from everyone, they are selfish, envious, arrogant, judgmental, and feel the need to be praised and admired.

Luckily, people with strong personality have found a way to deal with manipulative narcissists and even beat them at their own game.

This is how they shut narcissists down and prevent them from ruining their life.

7 Ways Strong People Deal with Narcissists

7 Ways Strong People, Shut Narcissists Down

1. They Are Not Naive

Strong people don’t believe everything narcissists say, no matter how persuasive they are. In most cases, narcissists choose nice people to trick them into believing they are the same, or even worse.

But, strong people know their qualities and are not afraid to cut fake people out of their life.

2. They Don’t Let Narcissists Put The Blame on Them

Mentally strong people have no problem to admit and apologize when they are wrong. However, they will never allow someone to blame them for something they didn’t do or say.

That’s why the manipulative technique of narcissists to convince people that they are the problem doesn’t work for these people.

3. They Don’t Drop Their Guard Down So Quickly

3. They Don’t Drop Their Guard Down So Quickly

One of the common manipulative tactics of narcissists is to convince someone they have a future together. But, people with strong personality don’t believe in words, but in actions. And, they don’t easily drop their guard and let someone into their heart.

That’s why narcissists can’t make fake future plans with strong people.

4. They Are Confident

One of the ways narcissists gain power of people is to bring them down until the person loses their confidence.  But, mentally strong people know their worth, so it’s not easy to bring them down. They will never allow a narcissist to walk over them.

5. They Are Not Afraid to Confront Them

Everyone who lives with a narcissist knows that they have many faces. They act totally different in private and in public, depending on what they want to get from the people they are surrounded.

But, strong people don’t put up with malicious or disrespectful behavior, so they confront manipulators by calling them out on their shameless hypocrisy.

6. They Know When Someone Is Playing with Their Feelings

6. They Know When Someone Is Playing with Their Feelings

People with strong personality know that once the narcissist gets exposed and their true intentions are revealed, they will play the victim. So, they are mad at them instead of feeling sorry like others would. No one can cloud their opinion and judgment.

7. They Don’t Sink to Their Level

Manipulative narcissists know how to push your buttons, so most people feel the urge to fight back and defend themselves. But, that’s how you lose control, and strong people know this. Instead, they stay cool and in control of their words and actions.

This is something narcissists can’t do, so they will eventually give up.

Final Words

You can’t change narcissists, and that’s a fact. But, you can protect yourself from the havoc they will wreak on your life by understanding their disorder and using these simple tactics.

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