21 Lucite Heels to Channel Your Inner Cinderella

This trend is clearly (sorry) a winner. Growing up, like a lot of humans my age, I coveted Cinderella’s glass heels.

Screw the impracticality of a glass shoe; my young-brained self assumed she would grow up, fall in love and clear shoes would be involved. Flash forward two decades later and there’s still something super alluring about a glass shoe – and I don’t mean the vinyl Kardashian/Jenner/Yeezy variety. (I do not understand how you can wear these without socks??? Where does the foot sweat go??????) I’m talking lucite heels.

From mules to block-heel booties, lucite heels have popped up on just about every style imaginable. They’ll even match your perfectly curated, minimalist Instagram-ready beauty stash.

Shop 21 of our favorite pairs below!

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