The 5 designer handbags Emily in Paris made us *need* on our arm right now

If you’ve been living under a rock, here’s the deal. Produced by the crew behind Sex and the City, and assisted by costume designer Patricia Field, the show is about a girl called Emily, who lands an opportunity in Paris to work for a marketing firm that specialises in the luxury fashion sector.

It would be an understatement to say that Netflix’s new series, Emily in Paris, has taken the world by storm. From the clothes and the French escapism to the hair trends and, of course, Chef Gabriel, it’s all anyone’s talking about RN.

As avid fans of the show will know, Emily Cooper’s eccentric wardrobe has been a huge talking point. Having clearly never been concerned about a risqué clashing print, punchy pattern or minuscule hemline, she is a sartorial breath of fresh air – particularly for the majority of us still stuck working from home in a pair of tracksuit bottoms.

But it’s her handbags that we’re all coveting – and they’re a lot easier to get your hands on than her entire outfits.

So keep calm and clutch on as we take a look at Emily’s best handbags (and keep your credit cards at a safe distance).

Definitely for the softhearted, this Kate Spade shoulder bag is the perfect complement to an oversized jumper; why not pair it with a Breton hat too?

We know Emily would! Its strong silhouette is balanced with soft, feminine details like rounded corners and refined, jewellery-like hardware, including a beautiful chain strap that doubles for a shorter look.

Throughout the show, Emily wears plenty of Chanel so we’re hardly surprised that she’s the proud owner of an iconic Chanel flap bag. This particular Chanel bag has a bit of Emily about it; I mean, look at those pearls. A Chanel flap bag is timeless and can be styled with almost anything, whether that be a mini skirt or a pair of jeans.

We can tell that Emily has a penchant for pink and another tote she plumps for in the series stays true to her favourite hue. This bag would look great styled with a formal blazer and a sleek pair of stilettos or even casual trainers, whether you chose to dress up or down. It could even make the perfect companion to your daily commute (whenever that may be!).

It seems that Emily can pull almost anything and everything off and if you’re looking for a quirky bag, then this is your go-to. Why not style this bag with a pair of heavy black boots and a classic winter trench? It has that sophisticated style to complement a punchy outfit.

5. The Patricia Field Bag

Emily wore a very vibrant bag, which was an exclusive creation designed by Patricia Field.

The bag complemented her yellow asymmetric print dress designed by Ganni with aplomb. Hey, Patricia, can we have one?

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