June 21, 2024

Ask A Dude: First Date Fashion Advice

While some of their responses are, unsurprisingly, ridiculous – for example, “formal” or “dangerous but with limits,” whatever that means – most suggest wearing anything that shows off your personal style.

“Something that she’s comfortable in, something that tells me who she is, because the first date, you know nothing about her,” says one guy.

Deciding what to wear on a first date? That’s one dilemma we would all rather live without. As if there aren’t enough things to worry about when dating – awkward silences, weird conversation, whether they are just trying to get into your pants – determining whether to wear a dress and heels or to go more casual with jeans and a trendy top should not be one of them.

To the rescue: Some real guys who agreed to help us out, breaking down the details of how to make a stylish first impression.

“I like a girl who can rock something that just exhibits their confidence,” adds another. Now, these guys are onto something!

Click play above for some more first date fashion advice from dudes. If anything, trust us, you’ll get a good laugh.

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