July 18, 2024

14 times Kate Middleton took her fashion cues from Princess Diana’s rulebook

Of course, she has a smorgasbord of designers, stylists and assistants on-hand to give their opinions and help tweak, but several fashion fans have picked up on a number of similarities between some of Kate Middleton’s most-loved looks and those of another undeniable royal style icon.

She’s one of the most sartorially influential people in the world right now, but while we all look to the Duchess of Cambridge to provide endless fashion inspiration have you ever stopped to wonder who she, herself, takes style tips from?

Despite having tragically never met, it appears that the Duchess of Cambridge – whether consciously or subconsciously – in fact takes a number of her style cues from her late mother-in-law, Princess Diana.

By no means full-blown ‘replicas’, many of Kate’s looks bear a subtle yet undeniable resemblance to many of Diana’s most popular outfits via subtle design details and colour combinations.

Undoubtedly confident in her own taste when it comes to matters of the wardrobe, it could of course be the case that any likeness between the two style icons’ looks is merely a coincidence. For those who study the Duchess’s every sartorial move, however, and who notice her frequent tasteful nods to her late mother-in-law, it seems increasingly likely that brief moments of similarity is a very deliberate, subtle nod to Diana.

But while the two women share a love for a similar overall aesthetic, Kate favours designers such as Alexander McQueen, Self-Portrait and Goat while Diana leaned more towards the likes of Victor Edelstein, Murray Arbeid and Emanuel Couture.

From red, calf-length overcoats worn atop black boots, turtlenecks and gloves, to ladylike lilac looks, bold green and navy checks, and even the exact same ‘Cambridge Lovers Knot’ tiara loved dearly by them both, we’ve rounded up fourteen of our favourite ‘twinning’ moments from the Duchess of Cambridge and Princess Diana…

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