July 15, 2024

The household mode of infection with trichomoniasis is dangerous for adults and children

Trichomoniasis is one of the most common diseases of the human genitourinary system. According to the World Health Organization, more than 250-300 million people are infected with it annually in the world.

In Russia, people have only registered sick from 1993, but the number of people infected with the infection is not lower than the global one and is constantly growing. The features of the disease, treatment and consequences were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

Although the causative agent of the disease – Trichomonas – was detected with a microscope as far back as 1836, he was long considered an innocuous inhabitant of vaginal contents. A direct link between Trichomonas and inflammation of the vaginal mucosa was established in 1870, in 1926 Trichomonas was added the “rank” of Trichomonas Vaginalis, and in 1927 they suspected sexual transmission of the infection.

Today, trichomoniasis, or, as it is customary to call a disease in recent times, trichomoniasis leads in the frequency of infection with sexually transmitted infections. Although it is still believed that trichomoniasis can be transmitted to the household: “The probability of infection by the non-sex way is very small, but it is not excluded,” says Elena Elyukova, a gynecologist at the Ecopark clinic.

The household mode of infection with trichomoniasis is dangerous for adults and children

In a dry environment, especially in bright sunlight, Trichomonads die very quickly. In a damp (not in water), for example in undried towels, live longer. But all the same it is necessary very much to try, that the trichomonas has got to a vagina from the outside “.

Uncomplicated in everyday life

With the usual method of infection, children usually suffer: “With a gross violation of personal hygiene by their mothers, their little daughters may become infected with trichomoniasis,” says Obstetrician-Gynecologist “He Clinic Novosibirsk” Zhanna Khodyreva. “For example, in a bath the mother puts her on the bench where she herself was sitting, the child, and the girl whose vagina contains only 2-3 layers of protective epithelium (unlike adults with 20-30 layers) is infected. ” As for public pools, this disease is not transmitted to them. “Back in the 60s of the 20th century, studies were conducted that showed that the causative agent of trichomoniasis does not survive in water, and infection is impossible under these conditions,” says Irina Sergeeva, dermatovenereologist at the Zdravica Medical Center, the CMN.

Bright in manifestations

How is trichomoniasis found? Unlike, for example, chlamydia, which occurs almost asymptomatically, trichomoniasis is simply impossible not to notice. In acute form – after two to three days or up to two weeks after infection – there are permanent, often abundant discharge, watery or foamy (bubbly), gray or yellow-green color, bad smell, severe itching, burning sensation and increased tenderness in the vagina .

The household mode of infection with trichomoniasis is dangerous for adults and children

It is very important for the first manifestations of infection to see a doctor:

“Symptoms disappear quickly enough,” warns Elena Melyukova, “and the disease hides, turning into a chronic form. ”
About self-diagnosis and treatment should not go and speeches: “Do appointments should only doctor-dermatovenereologist,” warns Irina Sergeeva. – And only after a full-fledged comprehensive examination, as today individual infections are rarely found in pure form, much more often we see a combination of several infectious diseases (bacterial, viral, fungal), which is reflected in the therapy process. ”

“Zdravitsa”: a native smear – 340 rubles (including the cost of fence), bakposov on trichomoniasis – 620 rubles (including the cost of fence), blood on RW – 480 rubles, primary reception – 750, repeated – 600.

“Ecopark”: diagnostics – in an average of 1300 rubles.

Stubborn in the struggle

Diagnosed trichomoniasis in acute form is very easy – in the analysis of the smear Trichomonas in the contents of the vagina are detected immediately. “In a chronic form, the diagnosis can only be made with the help of bakposseva,” says Zhanna Khodyreva. Treatment with antibiotics is carried out according to the standard scheme – at least two weeks. After treatment it is recommended to get an inoculation that strengthens the immune system and improves the vaginal microflora. However, curing trichomoniasis is not as easy as it is commonly believed: “A major problem in the treatment of this disease worldwide is a large number of pathogens resistant to the main drug,” says Irina Sergeeva. “In this state, it is completely impossible to exclude the disease and it is quite difficult to get the infection out. ”

“Ecopark”: medicines – 1200-1500 rubles, baths-1500 rubles per course.

Will be remembered for a long time

Than untreated trichomoniasis is terrible? First of all, with the slightest weakening of immunity, with hormonal failure and other adverse factors, the acute form with all unpleasant symptoms is returned. In addition, with exacerbation of untreated trichomoniasis is transmitted to the sexual partner. As for the side effects, trichomoniasis certainly does not promote women’s health:

“Subsequently, there are constant inflammations of the vaginal mucosa, the cervix,” Elena Meliukova continues. “He leads infertility gradually, unlike chlamydia, which immediately affects the uterus and the tubes. ”

“Untreated trichomoniasis leads to infertility, the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy, to various complications during pregnancy,” says Zhanna Khodyreva. “Very often, an aggravation occurs in women during menopause, it happens that before that they have not been sexually active for several years and do not suspect that they have a chronic infection. ”

How to avoid it? Simpler is simple – barrier methods of protection and monogamous sex life. Be healthy!

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