May 30, 2024

With a new weight

How to bring yourself in shape before the New Year and keep it after the holidays. In the new year always want to join with all new: a dress, a hairdress or a new figure.

And in the last month of the current year, all desires become more acute: every girl who has ever thought about her volumes wants to become slimmer.

And those who are accustomed to struggle with folds constantly and gradually, and at all begin a holy war. She learned about how to achieve results in a month, how to get into her favorite dress and not blur on holidays.

Diet for the soul

To begin with, the pre-New Year season is the time of traditional diets for many women, for some reason it is the holidays that motivate some women to exploit themselves in self-restraint: suddenly there is the willpower that was lacking all year. As a result, some sharply limit the daily diet, others proudly eat twice a day, and some sit on a variety of diets.

And make a big mistake: “If a woman eats twice a day, with a long break, it’s immediately minus 13% to the metabolism,” comments Lirais Zabelina, personal trainer of the fitness club “Extreme Fitness”. She also criticized the main principle of all slimming women – “do not eat after six. ”

According to the trainer, if the total caloric value does not exceed the norm during the day (on average it is about 1800 kcal), then it is impossible to recover in this mode: it’s not the fact of food restrictions that matters, but the total amount of eaten and what you ate.

This is what you need to work on. If you talk about the restrictions that can be tolerated for a month, the rule is working – without the slightest regret, you can eliminate all high-calorie dishes, rich in fat, especially hidden, like in sausages, sausages and cakes. It is worth reviewing the carbohydrate diet. Leave complex cereals, gray bread and vegetables. And rolls, muffins, pizza and pies without hesitation to send in the scrap of food history.

For vitamin saturation and filling the stomach, boldly include in your diet vegetables and fruits, but with one rule: you should not replace them with basic meals: some fruits, such as persimmons and bananas, are very sweet, which means you should not eat too much.

Pears, apples, pineapple, apricots and especially frozen Siberian berries – that’s what it’s worth to lean on. By the way, fans of juice from the package should know: the concentration of sugar in such juices goes off scale, and no expert will recommend to be vitaminized in this way. If you are not ready in the mornings to prepare yourself fresh fresh, then cook the evening with compote or jelly, or better make a berry juice – you will benefit and vitamins.

According to the professor of the medical faculty of the NSU Mikhail Denisov, when you change your diet to the right changes in the body begin just a month, while you can lose weight by 1-2 kg, so do not worry that “it’s too late” – just right to Enter the new year with new habits.

Fitness without borders

The path to a beautiful figure runs through the gym – it’s the truth of life. As Larisa Zabelina has told, if there is a goal to lose weight, it is necessary to approach to a problem in a complex. Not only in the sense of “there is not much to move,” but it’s also right to choose the training. After all, we often “record” on some one training, mentally put a checkmark on fitness – and the result is not obtained.

As Larisa Zabelina explained, if you really came for the result (and not just for a good mood and well-being), then the training should satisfy several rules: first, they must be different. “Training should develop five physical qualities – agility, speed, flexibility, endurance and strength,” says Larisa Zabelina. So, you need to burn fat (for this there is cardio), build muscle (gym, power load), train endurance (treadmill) and at the same time teach the ligaments to drag on (yoga or pilates).

Only if the whole body works – it will be a beautiful result. You need to work at least 3-4 times a week, with at least three times the load must be high intensity: you must experience fatigue. If you do not get tired – then the results will have to wait.

By the way, the wolfish appetite after training means that you did not fulfill the item on nutrition: “Appetite signals that the level of glucose is lowered. Yes, the load lowers the level of glucose, but if you had a normal diet during the day, its level after the session can not fall too much, “Larisa Zabelina warns, again confirming the fact that normal exercise is impossible if you are sitting on a restrictive diet .

Belly Festival

Finally, having achieved the first signs of weight loss and strengthening of reliefs, it will be insulting to lose them. In order not to face such a problem, never sit down on short diets just before the holidays. As Mikhail Denisov said, they are aimed at expelling excess fluid from the body (due to the laxative and diuretic effect), but have a side effect: because of stress, the body at the first opportunity reserves more fluid than it lost.

As a result, after the first feast, you swell as a ball – the body in stress will gain the lost good. Although there is a pleasant moment: at the festive table you can eat everything, there are no terrible incompatible formulations in the traditional menu.

But there is another danger: during the New Year holidays it is very easy to overeat, but because the council is unified – if you want to try all the dishes, try them on a pair of spoons, not each one’s plate.

If you could not resist, doctors recommend setting up unloading days. True, after learning that the unloading day is not a hunger strike on kefir, but merely a gradual decrease in the amount of food eaten. A complete refusal of food will become for the body the same stress as overeating. Remember that the best day off is to leave the house and ride with your friends on the sled. Get rid of stress, and at the same time and extra calories.

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