February 20, 2024

In the new season will be in vogue natural colors, flicker and moist glare

What is the meaning of makeup? Make your face beautiful. So, as if there was no makeup. As if the beauty had woken up in the morning, washed with dew and tender, ruddy, fresh went on business.

Unfortunately, without the arsenal of coloring funds and knowledge of the secrets of mastery, it is difficult to achieve such an effect. And with the help of the popular nude look technique this spring, which helps to make a person externally “undressed” from paint, it is quite possible to create the impression of natural beauty. The undressing rules were recognized by the correspondent of SE.

Fans of natural make-up can rejoice – he again did not go out of fashion. “Nude look has been popular for many seasons,” says Victoria Panafidina, the stylist and make-up artist at Unton. – But this spring there were changes – welcome gloss, flicker, wet glare, mother-of-pearl ». In general, natural make-up does not mean a pale appearance.

It means that in creating the image, natural colors and shades will be used, the lines will grow, they will feel graphical and elaborate, that is, just the unnaturalness will not be tolerated.

“Thoroughly shade! Any clear line will spoil the whole effect, “- warns the famous make-up artist Barbara Brynlich, stylist” Oriflame “- a company that advocates for natural beauty.


In the “bare” make-up the main thing is an ideal, even complexion. You need to create it: you need a good cleansing, toning with a refreshing effect, moisturizing light cream, fluid or fat-free tone with a protective UF-factor. The wings of the nose, the area under the lower eyelashes, the inner corner of the eyes mask the corrector for a lighter skin tone, but we do it discreetly and a little carelessly, carefully shading the boundaries. This spring is preferred tone with a flickering effect:

“The most popular tonal means is a light fluid with pearlescent particles. He will well emphasize the fresh radiant tenderness of clean skin, ”says Viktoria Panafidina. It can be applied to the entire face, and only on the cheekbones, to make them flashing.

A little more about freedom in the adjustment: in this season spring pranks are allowed: if there are freckles, then do not cover them, leave them – they give the face freshness. If, of course, the skin is good. With such a lucky combination of circumstances, when there are no spots, pimples, bags of bruises, to create a bare effect you can do only with basic rouge.


“In the spring make-up, the blush of natural flowers is applied not for correction, but for the sake of refreshing the complexion,” the make-up artist continues. Therefore, the blush should be applied to the place of its natural stay – on the cheeks, not in lines, but in circles, but very fuzzy. You can use the same remedy that you are going to apply on your lips: a gentle natural color is what you need, just like flicker and shine. Matte blush postponed – today you will need pearl, with a flickering effect.


The absence of clear lines, contours, blurred colors of reception Smoky eyes – one of the means of make-up in the style of nude look. True, deep, evening colors should not be used – they have nothing to do with naturalness. The line above the eyelashes, applied with a soft pencil of gray or brown, is shaded by an applicator with shadows, which in turn are rubbed through the eyelids with fingers until translucent.

“Nematic, pearl gray, beige, smoky, light – not winter emerald, and herbaceous shades are especially popular this spring and will be suitable for natural make-up,” Victoria says. “The main thing is to blossom them well, bring them to transparency and not forget about the brilliance. ”

Eyebrows can be laid with a special gel, and in case they are quite light, – shade with shadows. Mascara radically black color postpone until the winter, get the gray, smoky, brown with mother of pearl. Natural makeup excludes pupa volume and length. It is enough to have one layer of mascara on the upper lashes, and lower ones generally do not have to be painted.


For makeup in the style of nude look, you can use two techniques. The first is the use of lipstick close to the natural color of your lips, only brighter and more intense. Victoria Panafidina recommends shine with mother of pearl, liquid lipstick. It is very important to apply color evenly, do not smear, squeeze lips, leave gloss and lacquer shine.

The second variant of the makeup of the lips is to make them look paler than the skin. If you cover your lips with a corrector, apply a beige or pale pink lipstick, and on top a drop of shine, then the makeup will look gentle and fresh.

There are two advantages for which it is worth considering about switching to nude look this spring. First, neon, bright colors in clothes – the main trend of the fashion season – are well balanced by a neutral, “naked” face. Secondly, and perhaps most importantly, naturalness always indicates a good taste. It goes both young and mature. But only well-groomed naturalness. And above it you have to work hard, it’s not for nothing that the most skillful make-up is considered to be the effect of his absence.

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