Oil instead of mayonnaise

To prepare a useful sandwich, you will have to give up your favorite foods. We all know how to eat right, to be slim and healthy. And that gruel porridge is much more useful than sandwiches, also heard.

However, even decorated with pieces of fruit, the porridge fades before a piece of crusty bread with a slice of sausage or cheese. Varieties of sandwiches a great many – someone prefers hot, someone like multi-storey culinary facilities.

About how to improve a sandwich, so that he brought with him not only a feeling of satiety, but also a benefit, the nutritionist learned the correspondent of SHE.

According to one version, this simple, but popular dish, like a sandwich, was invented by the astronomer Nikolai Copernicus, being the commandant of the Olsztyn castle. After the castle was besieged by the Knights of the Teutonic Order, an epidemic of an unknown disease began in the castle walls. Soon Copernicus discovered that only those people who did not have bread in their diet were not ill: the pieces of bread were regularly dropped onto the dirty floor, after which he went to food.

Copernicus suggested spreading a light mass (oil) on the bread, against which the dirt was more noticeable and easily discarded. The legend says that in this way it was possible to cope with the epidemic, and later people stopped dropping the bread on the ground and were able to enjoy a combination of baking and butter.

Time is

Initially, the content of the sandwich was quite consistent with its name. Even those who do not speak German know that the word “sandwich” means “bread and butter”. “This is an appetizer, which is a slice of white or rye bread, usually oiled, on which cheese, sausage, fish, caviar or other products are laid,” Wikipedia defines, causing increased salivation in gourmets and skepticism in nutritionists. The fact is that such a habitual thing as a sandwich is good only occasionally – for example, if there is a catastrophic lack of time, but you really want to eat, or if in the conditions in which you are, it is not possible to find a comprehensive dinner. “If you can not fully eat lunch, then as a snack sandwiches are entirely acceptable,

– If we talk about the benefits to the gastrointestinal tract, then, of course, the combination of starchy (in this case bread or bread) and protein products (sausage, meat or fish) does not have a very favorable effect on the digestion process. ” 

As for eating sandwiches for breakfast, nutritionists still strongly recommend switching attention to porridge. “Most often those people who do not eat porridge, and start their day with a sandwich, suffer from diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. But a sandwich can be an element of a second breakfast, “notes Oksana Bragina, a nutritionist at the Research Institute of Therapy. According to her, in an ideal person should eat food five times a day – the presence of a second breakfast and an afternoon snack allows you not to pounce on food, experiencing fierce hunger, and eat gradually, without absorbing a large amount of food at one time.

The sandwich gives room for culinary creativity and at the same time allows you to feel an understandable satiety without frills. Despite the fact that often delicious food is harmful to health, a reasonable person will find an opportunity to make consumed food also useful. Consider separately the main ingredients:

Bread daily

Nutritionists agree on one thing: white bread is not the most useful product in the world. If you care about your health, it is better to prefer bread from rye, rye-wheat or wheat flour. Grain and bran are welcome. Fresh, freshly baked bread is not welcome: if you have enough willpower, wait until the day passes – 24-hour bread is more useful. Olga Poznyak recommends drying the bread in a toaster, oven or in a pan – thanks to the partial caramelization of carbohydrates, this bread is easier to digest. Instead of bread, slices or loaves can be used. They are good not only for their low calorie content, but also for the fact that you are unlikely to get carried away enough to eat too much.

Fans of fried special warning – bread absorbs a large amount of fat, and this not only increases the caloric content of the prepared dish, but also leads to the formation of substances that contribute to the development of atherosclerosis. 

The same thing happens with the mayonnaise, with which some people pour sandwiches abundantly before going to the oven.

Butter, oil

If you are frozen in front of the refrigerator and can not decide what to smear your piece of bran bread, give preference to butter, and not mayonnaise. “Due to the fact that absolutely natural sauces are extremely low and mayonnaise itself is a high-calorie and refined product, it is better to use butter or fresh sour cream with the addition of greens or vegetables,” advises Olga Poznyak, emphasizing that there should be little oil.

In her opinion, vegetable supplements and milk fats somewhat soften the unfavorable combination of proteins and starch products, but the amount of protein (meat or fish) should be reduced. To include all taste buds and make variety in a dull diet, you can prepare oil mixtures – with vegetables, herbs, mushrooms, garlic, pepper, mustard.

all hands on deck

Familiar sandwiches – with sausage, ham and other meat delicacies – alas, will not add to health – unless the mood. “Talking about the benefits of sausage is meaningless. As an exception, it can be used, but it is necessary to know that besides satisfying the hunger for the body, there is little use, “says Olga Poznyak. “The population of the Novosibirsk region belongs to the high risk group for cardiovascular diseases, atherosclerosis, lipid metabolism disorders, obesity,” warns Oksana Bragina.

“Often this is due to the consumption of a large amount of fats, which are contained both in sausage products and in butter.” Therefore, nutritionists are advised to use lean meat: veal, beef, chicken – cooked or stewed, in no case fried. In addition, you can pile a piece of bread on an omelette or fish, and also use a curd mixture as a filling. And when it comes to vegetables, you can not refuse anything – cucumbers, tomatoes, greens, eggplants, zucchini and so on.

The right sandwich

All known character cat Matroskin declared that the right sandwich is one that is put sausage on the tongue. But this is not our case. “In fact, sandwiches can be nonchalant and served on a leaf of lettuce or cabbage, as well as on pieces of dense vegetables – such as cucumber, sweet pepper or radish. For example, on thin plates of a cucumber you can put slices of slightly salted fish or cheese. This is much more useful than bread sandwiches, “- says Olga Poznyak. If you can not do without a classic sandwich with sausage, it is worth remembering that such an appetizer is good in a small amount on the festive table or only in those cases when you are in a hurry. The most important thing in the right sandwich is its rare appearance on your table.

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