May 30, 2024

Will the Musical Be a Bigger Hit Than It Was on TV?

The Broadway show will be called Smash, A New Musical, with Steven Spielberg as a producer and Marc Shaiman and Scott Wittman, who worked on the show, as songwriters.

As a refresher, the NBC show followed the making of a Broadway musical about the life of Marilyn Monroe, and starred Katharine McPhee, Megan Hilty, Debra Messing, and Christian Borle, with McPhee and Hilty vying for the coveted role of Marilyn.

On Thursday, fans of Smash got the news they’d be hoping for: the cult-favorite musical series will be coming back, only this time to Broadway rather than as a television revival.

Spielberg said in a statement that he is “personally thrilled to be a part of this musical and its road to Broadway” as he holds Smash “near and dear to his heart. ” As for whether the new musical will be about the show or the show within the show, the press release noted that the “story will follow the ups and downs of getting Bombshell to Broadway but will liberally depart from the series. ”

Don’t worry, the main characters from the show, like songwriters Julia and Tom, as well as actresses Ivy and Karen, will be in the stage musical. And while not all of the songs Shaiman and Wittman wrote for the Smash series will be used in the new musical, “Let Me Be Your Star” will absolutely be included. Now we just have to wait for the bright lights of Broadway to shine again so we can start counting down!

Lily Collins Opens Up About Her Mental Health as a Teen to Comfort Fans: “We’re Not Alone”

On Wednesday, Lily Collins opened up in a candid Instagram post about her mental health during her late teens and 20s. In honor of Mental Health Awareness Week in the UK, which runs from May 18 to 24, the actor looked back 14 years ago, at her teenage self, and reflected on her struggles in hopes that it’ll give her fans comfort and encouragement.

Lily posted a photo of herself at the Teen Vogue Young Hollywood party back in 2006 (when she was 16), along with the caption, “On the surface, this was a happy, confident girl. On the inside, I was struggling with so much insecurity and doubt within myself. ” She continued, “At this age throughout my late teens and into my twenties, it felt really difficult to speak out about my internal struggles – with family, with relationships, eating disorders and overall uncertainty. ”

She added that the topic of mental health should never be taboo and wishes she could tell her younger self that “we’re never alone. ” She also encouraged fans to lean on good friends and family, and focus on the positives, noting that this is especially important right now with stay-at-home orders still predominantly in place.

Lily ended her candid post with a hopeful message, “But let’s give ourselves and each other a little boost of encouragement this week and everyday moving forward and try our hardest not to judge one another too harshly. Self care is not selfish. It’s self love. ”

Fans were quick to comment and thank Lily for her honesty. Director Charlie McDowell (who Lily has been dating since last summer) also commented on the post: “What a beautiful human you are. Inside and out. ”

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