February 20, 2024

These are the best women’s running shorts for summer jogs

Firstly: chafing. When you’re on the hunt for a new pair of running shorts, you’d better make sure they don’t ride up as you move and cause any irritation between your thighs.

The best running shorts won’t, which means investing in a good pair is more than worthwhile. Secondly: consider the fabric. It needs to be as sweat-wicking as possible. ‘Cos there’s nothing worse than a damp final mile.

From compression shorts to lightweight racer shorts and 2-in-1 running shorts, no two pairs of running shorts are made the same. And when it comes to choosing the very best, it’s less about what performs well than what make you – as the runner (or wannabe) – feel comfortable.

That said: there are two main tripes when it comes to running shorts; both can be the difference between a good 10km worth of pavement pounding and a short or uncomfortable jog.

Besides that, you might also like to consider the coverage your running shorts offer: some are much shorter (like Lululemon’s Hotty Hot High-Rise Running Shorts), often designed with trail running in mind, and will bare *most* of your thighs.

Others come with built-in compression shorts or knickers for a more supportive feel (case in point: Sweaty Betty’s Challenge 4″ Running Shorts or New Balance’s 2-in-1 pair). You can also get running shorts that look like cycling shorts (Nike’s Black Fast Trail shorts are a great choice), covering right down to your knee, plus running shorts that absorb blood when you’re on your period.

If you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right place. We’ve rounded up the very best running shorts for women – as recommended by the eager runners in the (remote) GLAMOUR office – which also double-up as companions for HIIT and days spent on your bike.

Their inclusion in this edit is not only based on style credentials, but whether they’re made from high-performance fabric to wick away sweat and whether they cause chafing. These running shorts are lightweight and boast a barely-there feel, to help you focus on the task in hand (continuing to breath as you tackle that dreaded hill). No waistband adjustments needed. No rubbing. No falling down.

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