What will help, properly caring for the skin, to preserve the natural beauty and harmony

At all times, men glorified the softness of women’s skin, comparing it with tender silk, smooth satin or velvety peach. The skin that attracts looks and touches is fascinating.

This was also known to Cleopatra, appeasing the body with precious oils, and the Marquise de Pompadour, having fashioned deep decolletage, and other recognized beauties of the Mediterranean

Natural Cosmetics Tres Joli(Trezi) offers to use the experience of the Mediterranean divas, who know the beauty of the body and the ancient art of seduction. Experts of the company recreate not just aromatic products, the main goal of the means is to give effective care of natural ingredients: herbs, vegetable and essential oils known for their medicinal properties. For example, the basis of all gels and milk is organic aloe juice, infusions of chamomile, lavender and roses, and absolutely no water.

If you like natural products, you have heard about the benefits of natural ingredients. The fact that grape seed oil is the lightest of natural vegetable oils, absorbs faster and deeper into the skin, smoothing and moisturizing the skin. Olive – perfectly moisturizes the skin, contains a large amount of antioxidants and vitamin E. A meadow penne oil moisturizes the skin like no other – it is the record holder for the content of natural gilauric acid and a wide range of vitamins.

Therefore, Tres Joli uses these and many other useful oils in its products to ensure proper care of your skin. For Tres Joli, it is important that the product “work” – in the company give preference to recipes for more expensive natural oils, and not their synthetic substitutes, clogging the pores of the skin and creating a feeling of stickiness. The natural delicate aroma of miracle creams and gels is only high-quality essential oils and their compositions, you will not find the “fragrance” marks on the products, in Tres Joli they do not strive for bright flavors due to unnatural ingredients. Therefore, the shelf life of cosmetics is short – 6-9 months. And if Tres Joli marks the product as natural and organic – you can be sure of its quality.

Find a favorite tool for your taste in a rich arsenal of body care products. 

Clean-scrape. Basic care begins with cleansing – choose what you are used to. Soft shower gel on the juice of aloe vera and floral infusions of roses, citrus, pomegranate will moisturize your skin. Marmalades for body are sold on weight, contain a ground shell of pine nuts – for an easy daily scrub and those who love diversity. Massage oils with a scrub in the form of coffee, salt or sugar – 100% natural, based only on natural oils – a universal tool “2 in 1”, which allows you to gently cleanse the skin and immediately moisturize it.

Moisturize, please.What does your skin need right now? For moisturizing and everyday care choose milk on rose water or with citrus extracts – smoothness of the skin and a stunning natural flavor are guaranteed. Do you like to sunbathe? You need to constantly moisturize the skin with Marmaris’ milk , containing marigold extract, restoring and moisturizing shea butter, apricot pits and evening primrose. If you often visit the pool, you probably faced the problem of chlorinated water and peeling of the skin – Casablanca’s milk neutralizes it due to the content of pomegranate extract, white tea and seaweed. And, finally, hit – premium body cream Casablanca, created by ancient Arabic recipes, designed to heal and rejuvenate the skin. This cream absorbed so many medicinal components that Tres Joli call it the secret of the alchemists of Morocco. And its spicy, herbal fragrance is the best reminder that magic creams are always mysterious.

Massiruem-relax. Go for a massage or do it yourself at home? Take the oil for a vigorous massage in the Casablanca series with warming essential oils of oriental spices, giving strength and vivacity, or relaxing oil for spa massage, taking to the state of bliss and peace in the Mare series of nostrums . Are you allergic or do you need natural oil for a baby massage? In the Provence serieschoose hypoallergenic oil based on sweet almond oils, wheat germ, grape and apricot seeds and other healing oils. What does not contain this richest in its composition oil – is essential oils, i.e. smell.

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