June 17, 2024

What can turn a love for fresh fruit and whether to wait for the ripening of Siberian vegetables

The last days of May brought with them the first multicolored collapse of fruit-berries in the bazaar: we so missed the summer that every first berry, grown on a warm foreign land and moved to our refrigerator, becomes a holiday.

And eating a bunch of sweet fruit in the evening in front of the TV, we are mentally proud of ourselves: we eat “living” vitamins!

So whether the first seasonal fruits are useful, which is really useful in the most popular positions, how to choose and eat them correctly, the correspondent of SHE recognized.

Choose me

Nature: every fruit chooses from the earth and accumulates its unique substances, in fact, they determine its usefulness. Consider how useful the hits of today’s market and where you need to be cautious.


A source of potassium, almost a champion of all vegetables and fruits. It removes unnecessary salts from the body and improves muscular activity, first of all, the main muscle-hard worker – heart muscle. It is rich in iron and magnesium, necessary for hematopoiesis and calm nerves, as well as beta-carotene – for good eyesight and healthy skin.

Be careful:with unripe fruit. “This affects not only the taste.

In immature fruits, certain organic acids have not yet formed, there are still few sugars and many astringents: they will cause a delay in the stool,” says the nutritionist of the Delf center Elena Garagulya. In general, as we know, the ability to choose the ripe fruits and not to run into spoiled ones is a whole art. He should learn.


The cherry fruit contains a lot of vitamin C, carotene and mineral salts – potassium, phosphorus, iron, copper. The latter is necessary for the formation of digestive enzymes, for the formation of bone tissue, and also for the production of female sex hormones. And with a lack of copper, hair grows gray early.


Low calorie (contains only 41 kcal per 100 g), sweet and sour berry – a valuable source of potassium, vitamin C and pectin (this is a soluble fiber that removes heavy metals and even radionuclides from the body – something that vegetables and cereals can not do) .

Be careful:any fruit of bright saturated red shades is an increased risk of allergies. “Such berries and fruits are more pronounced to stimulate immunity, a cleansing reaction occurs: what was inside, then quickly manifests itself through the skin as the nearest way to eliminate toxins. All this suggests that the natural ways of removing toxins have problems. If there is an allergy, it is worth sticking to lighter colors, so as not to provoke the immune system once again, “warns Elena Garagulya.

Eat Me Correctly

To have beautiful fruits were useful, you need to choose and properly eat them. Here are some tips:

• Fruits should not have spots, darkenings or outgrowths: the more exotic the form, the weaker the genetic apparatus of the fetus. It is also useful to ask for a certificate of compliance – it is at least some kind of guarantee that you will not get poisoning with unnecessary chemistry.
• All suffering gastritis or other inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract need to know: fresh berries and fruits are rich in organic acids and inflamed mucous irritate even more.
• Berries and fruits are perfectly combined with dairy products. “Carbohydrates from fruits do not interfere with digesting milk proteins. And the fruits themselves even contribute – due to the abundance of trace elements, “explains Elena Garagulya, calling for a snack of summer smoothies – from berries and yogurt or kefir.
• Fresh fruit – food is independent. “If you eat them after dinner, you can even get food poisoning – they can disrupt or inhibit the digestion of protein or starchy foods: there will be gas formation and swelling,” the dietician continues to insist that berries can not be used as a dessert after three dishes.

Finally, it is worth keeping to the measure, especially at the beginning of the feast season: a normal dosage of 150 to 400 g per day is considered normal. However, if we are considering an unloading berry day, if you do not have allergies, intolerance and everything is ok with your stomach – you can do more.

Limitations on the amount of food eaten per day can, perhaps, be overcome except that cucumber and zucchini.

Both these newly arrived Asian comrades almost do not contain calories, starch, fat, but they are rich in mineral salts, they perfectly clean the body and are generally considered to be the best dietary products.

At them now only two minuses: the price at zucchini and potential nitrates at cucumbers. Therefore, doctors recommend cutting off the skin before use, because nitrates accumulate there.

Vitamins inside

The first berries and vegetables beckon their appearance, but they force and ponder: are the fruits from far away useful, as it should be in theory? Experts admit: Siberians are experiencing an acute shortage of plant fibers in food. So, any inferior and far-away berry is better than a piece of cake and cookies. Dietitian Research Institute of therapy Oksana Bragina believes that any vegetables and fruits improve intestinal motility and remove toxins, a priori useful for Siberians, in which deficiency of fiber is the most urgent problem.

But with vitamins it is more difficult: nobody even undertakes to estimate, on what soil beautiful fruit grew, and therefore it is not known how many vitamins they will give to us. “We do not know what technologies are used for their cultivation, and therefore, to hope that these fruits will solve the problem with a deficiency of minerals and vitamins, especially if it is strongly pronounced, I would not. At least, a very large number of these vegetables and fruits will be required, “the dietician believes, advising now to buy only what in Siberia will never grow.

With it agrees the director of the trading network “Santino” Alexander Smirnov: “Now we need to take cherries and apricots – they will soon be gone. You can safely buy tomatoes, onions and cabbage, and watch cucumbers. Chinese cucumber (grown by Chinese in greenhouses) is cheaper, but we do not work with this product. ”So the question of the chemical composition of vegetables worries not only doctors, but also sellers. Do not forget the proverb: every vegetable has its own time. Expecting that cherries and apricots will grow in Siberia is silly, but before the appearance of local zucchini, cucumbers and strawberries it is possible to wait: they will be more accessible, and their origin is more transparent.

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