July 17, 2024

What are the rules around having sex during the lockdown?

In England, the guidance states you must not meet up socially with anyone indoors, unless you live with them or if they’re part of your support bubble.

To form a support bubble, you must be living on your own in a single-adult household, and then you can join another household with whom you can visit and stay overnight.

This means that unless your partner lives with you or is part of your support bubble, sex is essentially illegal. Sad times.

As we brace ourselves for the new lockdown that starts in England on Thursday, many of us will be wondering what this means for our love lives, particularly those of us who don’t live with our partners.

Whether you’re single or not, you’ve probably wondered what this second national lockdown means for your sex life. So, here’s what you need to know.

Although the new rules state that you can exercise or visit outdoor public places with one person from another household. And while we all know sex is great exercise, it’s probs not a good idea to start fornicating in your local park. Not least because it’s pretty chilly out there.

But if you live in Scotland or Wales, it’s a slightly different story.

In Scotland, a new five-tier system has been introduced. This means that if you live in a level 0 or level 1 area, you can still meet a limited number of people indoors. Levels 2, 3 or 4 cannot meet with any other households indoors.

Those in Wales are halfway through their firebreak lockdown, which ends on 9th November, when two households will be able to form a bubble. Until then, if you’re living alone, you can create a temporary extended household where you can meet indoors and have physical contact. Hooray.

If you’re in Northern Ireland, the rules for sexy time are the same as England –it’s only permitted if you live together or are in a support bubble together.

Lockdown will last from 5th November to 2nd December, though could potentially be extended beyond that. For more information, visit gov. uk.

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