July 18, 2024

The 5 best haircuts for anyone who doesn’t want to sacrifice their length

But, what if you’re bored? What if you’re in the mood for something different, edgy, rebellious?

What if you love the look of the cheekbone skimming cuts you’ve seen all the cool-girls wear, but… you’re just not sure you have the kahonas to commit to it long term?

We get it, you’re attached to your hair. Beyond giving us a cosy comfort blanket that doubles as a scarf in winter, our hair has been with us through thick and thin. Especially if you’ve reached bum-grazing length. That kind of achievement is years in the making. So to cut it all away feels like a big decision.

The fact is, you don’t have to go for a drastic chop to achieve a fresh new style. You just need to get a bit creative. Here’s how to do just that before salons close for lockdown 2. 0…


Boob-length “midi” hair is a sweet spot – it’s long enough to do everything you need styling-wise, whilst give you that level of security. But it’s not so long that it looks shapeless. Slicing the ends blunt and squared-off will give the same casual finish you would achieve with a blunt bob, just slightly further south of your collarbone.


Shorter, shaggier layers have made a comeback, with everyone from Suki Waterhouse to Alexa Chung embracing them. So if you want to add volume and texture without touching the length, opt for choppy rock ‘n’ roll layers. This works on everything from short, to midi to super long hair as long as the layers graduate down the length.


If you do nothing else, cutting in a fringe can make a huge difference. Full, swooshy 70s fringes are bang on trend at the moment. They can be swept either side of your parting into a curtain fringe or side parted into a side fringe to keep it versatile. Plus, they’ll grow out in a few months to create face framing layers if you decide down the line you want to try something different.

Subtle layers

One-length hair can be a little uninspiring if it’s long. Subtle layers can take some of the weight away and add volume and texture just where you need it: around your face and speckled sparingly throughout the length to give it more movement and bounce. The trick is to keep the layers longer, so they add lift, but can still be tied back into a ponytail. The outcome is pretty hair, that feels much more wearable.

Long bob

Feeling slightly braver? The lob keeps the classic shape of a bob, but elongates it slightly, to a more practical length (which again means it can be tied back or swept out the way when you want). To give the illusion that it’s shorter, you can always curl the edges inwards for a more bob-like shape, or straighten the edges down when you want to maximise the length.


Want to steer clear of cuts altogether? There are a couple of styling techniques you can bring in to revamp your hairstyle without the need for scissors, such as embracing a curlier texture (natural or tonged). This will help you mix things up day to day.

The tuck

And, for a part-time bob, try the hair tuck (doable now we’ve cracked out our funnel neck sweaters). If you’re due on a Zoom call and don’t know what to do with your hair, just tuck it down the back of your jumper. Chic.

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